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BMW iX M60 Tech Specs

from: 2022

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Price in the United States of America (USD)
Base Price (MSRP) Destination Charge Effective Price
$108,900 $995 $109,895

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Price in the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland (GBP)
On The Road Price

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Battery Capacity Gross/Useable 111.5​/​105.2 kWh

Range (WLTP) 566 km 351.7 mi

Minimal Consumption (WLTP) 21.7 kWh/100 km 34.9 kWh/100 mi

Acceleration 0-100 km/h 3.8 s

Acceleration 0-60 mph 3.7 s

Performance Specs

  • Power: compare 455 kW (610 hp)
  • Torque: compare 1100 Nm 811 lb-ft
  • Number of Engines: 2
  • Drive: compare 4x4
  • Acceleration 0-60 mph: compare 3.7 s
  • Acceleration 0-100 km/h: compare 3.8 s
  • Acceleration 0-62 mph: 3.8 s
  • Top Speed: compare 250 km/h 155 mph

Front motor 190 kW, rear motor 360 kW. Maximum torque of 1.015 Nm, in Sport Mode respectively 1.100 Nm with activated Launch Control and an M specific suspension set-up.

Official Range and Energy Consumption (Combined)

  • WLTP Range (TEL*): compare 566 km 351.7 mi
  • WLTP Range (TEH*): 499 km 310.1 mi
  • WLTP Consumption (TEL*): compare 21.7 kWh/100 km 34.9 kWh/100 mi
  • WLTP Consumption (TEH*): 24.7 kWh/100 km 39.8 kWh/100 mi
  • Petrol/Gasoline equivalent: 2.44 l/100 km 96.5 MPGe

* TEL (Test Energy Low) indicates the lowest values (most economical) with the lightest set of options
TEH (Test Energy High) indicates the highest values (least economical) with the heaviest set of options


  • Battery Type: Lithium-ion
  • Battery Capacity Gross: compare 111.5 kWh
  • Battery Capacity Useable: compare 105.2 kWh

Dimensions and Weights

  • Body Type: SUV
  • Length: compare 4953 mm 195 in
  • Width: compare 1967 mm 77.44 in
  • Height: compare 1696 mm 66.77 in
  • Wheelbase: 3000 mm 118.11 in
  • Weight: compare 2659 kg 5862 lbs
  • Max Payload: 576 kg 1270 lbs
  • Trunk / Boot Space: compare 500 l 17.7 ft3
  • Trunk / Boot Space Max: 1750 l 61.8 ft3
  • Frunk Space: comparedoesn't have a frunk
  • Max Roof Load: 75 kg 165 lbs
  • Max Tow Hitch Load: 100 kg 220 lbs
  • Max Trailer Load Braked: 2500 kg 5512 lbs
  • Max Trailer Load Unbraked: 750 kg 1653 lbs
  • Ground Clearance: compare 203 mm 7.99 in
  • Min Turning Circle (curb-curb): compare 12.3 m 40.4 ft
  • Tire Standard: 255/50 R21
  • Seats max.: 5


  • AC On-Board Charger Standard: 11 kW
  • DC Fast Charging: compare 200 kW
  • DC Charge Port: CCS
  • Charge Port Location: Rear Right

AC Charging Times (home, work, hotel)

Select State of Charge (SOC):

The maximum on-board charger power of the BMW iX M60 is 11 kW.
All figures in the table above are assumed approximate values under optimal conditions.

DC Fast Charging Times

Select State of Charge (SOC):

The maximum fast charging power of the BMW iX M60 is 200 kW.
All figures in the table above are assumed approximate values under optimal conditions.


  • Platform: CLAR
  • Dedicated EV Platform: Yes
  • Drag Coefficient Cd: compare 0.26

Safety - Crash Tests

Pros and Cons by myEVreview

  • Can tow 750/2500 kg (1650/5500 lbs)
  • Fit & finish
  • Excellent highway stability
  • Great sound system Bowers & Wilkins
  • Incredibly quiet at any speed
  • Comfy car for long trips
  • One of the safest cars on the road (5-star EuroNCAP safety rating)
  • iX M60 - Overtaking monster (455 kW / 610 hp)
  • Extremely well-built
  • Quiet and refined at high speed
  • Good consumption in relation to size and weight
  • Instant torque (all versions)
  • Lots of interior space
  • Infotainment responsiveness
  • The cabin is completely different from existing BMWs (not everyone will appreciate this)
  • Seats are comfortable
  • Big battery of the iX xDrive50 and iX M60 versions, allowing a range of 350-550 km (111 kWh / 105 kWh usable)
  • Good ground clearance 203 mm (7,95 in)
  • Interesting artificial sound by Hans Zimmer
  • Beautiful crystal controls
  • Decent size boot space
  • Cheap frameless door closing sound
  • rapid charging could be a bit faster (10 to 80% capacity in 30-35 minutes)
  • No frunk
  • If you want to drive longer distances, avoid the xDrive 40 version, which has a small battery (76 kWh / 71 kWh usable)
  • Purchase Price
  • Weird front design

BMW iX Pros and Cons

  • profile photo of user Kath EV Kath EV US

    Ultimate Electric Driving Machine 8.5

    owner review of BMW iX XDrive50, Ultimate Pkg 2 2023

    • All the bells and whistles, ambient lighting, moonroof that can be clear or opaque with the push of a button, heated steering wheel, Harmon Karden sound, etc.

    • The angular steering wheel is surprisingly comfortable, I really enjoy it.

    • 300+ miles per 100% charge.

    • Even though the body is smaller than my last car (BMW X5 M), the interior is much roomier. No humps!

    • Excellent fit and finish, as to be expected with BMW. No engine noise makes the interior ridiculously quiet.

    • Quick and smooth acceleration, anxiety-free passing and merging.

    • The interior door release button is placed very counterintuitively, takes some getting used to, confuses valets. 

    • There’s blind spot issues if the side view mirrors aren’t positioned just so.

    read the entire review

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