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Tesla Model S Plaid Tech Specs

from: 2012 facelift: 2021

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Interior And Exterior Photos

Tesla Model S Tesla Model S Tesla Model S Tesla Model S Tesla Model S Tesla Model S - Plaid Tesla Model S - Plaid Tesla Model S Tesla Model S - Pearl White Multi-Coat Tesla Model S - Midnight Silver Metallic Tesla Model S - Solid Black Tesla Model S - Deep Blue Metallic Tesla Model S - Red Multi-Coat Tesla Model S Tesla Model S - Long Range Tesla Model S - Plaid Tesla Model S Tesla Model S - Yoke Steering Tesla Model S Tesla Model S - Black and White Interior Tesla Model S - Cream Interior Tesla Model S - All Black Interior Tesla Model S Tesla Model S - rear seats Tesla Model S - trunk / boot Tesla Model S Tesla Model S Tesla Model S Tesla Model S Tesla Model S - 21 Arachnid Wheels Tesla Model S Tesla Model S - Ultra Red Tesla Model S - Ultra Red Tesla Model S - Ultra Red


Price in the United States of America (USD)
Base Price (MSRP) Destination Charge Effective Price
$108,490 $1,390 $109,880

3 Years Free Supercharging. Customers who take delivery of a new Model S or Model X vehicle between April 20, 2023 and June 30, 2023, are eligible for unlimited free Supercharging on their new vehicle.

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Price in the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland (GBP)
On The Road Price

From 2023. The price is estimated / unofficial.

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Battery Capacity Gross/Useable 100​/​95 kWh

Range (WLTP) 695 km 431.9 mi

Minimal Consumption (WLTP) 13.7 kWh/100 km 22 kWh/100 mi

Acceleration 0-100 km/h 2.1 s

Acceleration 0-60 mph 1.99 s

Performance Specs

  • Power: compare 760 kW (1019 hp)
  • Torque: compare 1420 Nm 1047 lb-ft
  • Number of Engines: 3
  • Drive: compare 4x4
  • Acceleration 0-60 mph: compare 1.99 s
  • Acceleration 0-100 km/h: compare 2.1 s
  • Acceleration 0-62 mph: 2.1 s
  • Acceleration 0-160 km/h: compare 3.5 s
  • Acceleration 0-100 mph: 3.5 s
  • Acceleration 0-200 km/h: compare 6.1 s
  • Top Speed: compare 322 km/h 200 mph
  • Quarter Mile (402.3 m): compare 9.23 s
  • Nürburgring Short: 00:07:30.909
  • Nürburgring Long: 00:07:35.579

Official Range and Energy Consumption (Combined)

  • WLTP Range (TEL*): compare 695 km 431.9 mi
  • WLTP Range (TEH*): 600 km 372.8 mi
  • WLTP Consumption (TEL*): compare 13.7 kWh/100 km 22 kWh/100 mi
  • WLTP Consumption (TEH*): 15.8 kWh/100 km 25.4 kWh/100 mi
  • Petrol/Gasoline equivalent: 1.54 l/100 km 152.9 MPGe

* TEL (Test Energy Low) indicates the lowest values (most economical) with the lightest set of options
TEH (Test Energy High) indicates the highest values (least economical) with the heaviest set of options


  • Battery Type: Lithium-ion
  • Battery Capacity Gross: compare 100 kWh
  • Battery Capacity Useable: compare 95 kWh

Dimensions and Weights

  • Body Type: Sedan/Limousine
  • Length: compare 5021 mm 197.68 in
  • Width: compare 1987 mm 78.23 in
  • Height: compare 1431 mm 56.34 in
  • Wheelbase: 2960 mm 116.54 in
  • Weight: compare 2255 kg 4971 lbs
  • Weight Distr. Front/Rear: 48/52 %
  • Trunk / Boot Space: compare 709 l 25 ft3
  • Trunk / Boot Space Max: 1828 l 64.6 ft3
  • Frunk Space: compare89 l 3.1 ft3
  • Max Roof Load: 75 kg 165 lbs
  • Max Tow Hitch Load: 100 kg 220 lbs
  • Max Trailer Load Braked: 1600 kg 3527 lbs
  • Max Trailer Load Unbraked: 750 kg 1653 lbs
  • Ground Clearance: compare 126 mm 4.96 in
  • Min Turning Circle (curb-curb): compare 12.3 m 40.4 ft
  • Tire Standard: 255/45 R19
  • Rear Tire Standard: 285/40 R19
  • Seats max.: 5


  • AC On-Board Charger Standard: 11 kW
  • DC Fast Charging: compare 250 kW
  • DC Charge Port: CCS, Supercharger
  • Charge Port Location: Left rear

AC Charging Times (home, work, hotel)

Select State of Charge (SOC):

The maximum on-board charger power of the Tesla Model S Plaid is 11 kW.
All figures in the table above are assumed approximate values under optimal conditions.

DC Fast Charging Times

Select State of Charge (SOC):

The maximum fast charging power of the Tesla Model S Plaid is 250 kW.
All figures in the table above are assumed approximate values under optimal conditions.


  • Platform: Tesla S,X
  • Dedicated EV Platform: Yes
  • Drag Coefficient Cd: compare 0.208

Safety - Crash Tests

Tesla Model S Pros and Cons

  • profile photo of user Tesla Smile Tesla Smile

    Tesla Model S Performance - 800 horsepower and 80,000 km almost free 9.3

    owner review of Tesla Model S Raven 2019

    • safety (5-star EuroNCAP safety rating)

    • 0-100 km/h in just 2.5 s

    • excellent driving characteristics, low centre of gravity

    • low operating costs (servicing and low cost per km)

    • low long-term consumption of 23 kWh per 100 km though I’m constantly demonstrating to people the car’s performance

    • OTA updates (continuous improvement of the vehicle)

    • highly functional Autopilot (on motorways it usually manages 99% of the journey for me)

    • the Michelin Pilot Sport summer tyres withstood an incredible 54,000 km

    • warranty on the entire drive system including battery 240,000 km/8 years

    • no problem driving long distances - the Supercharger network is a great bonus for every Tesla

    • charging by Supercharger free

    • second generation air suspension

    • total power 600 kW, torque 1,000 Nm

    • solid charging speed, max. 150 kW (10-90 % in 40-45 minutes)

    • decent range on the highway of 400 km in summer and 300 km in winter

    • resilience of the drive and chassis

    • relatively large frunk

    • no door compartments

    • during acceleration, front axles slightly vibrate (weakness of the Tesla S and Tesla X - warranty replacement)

    • misplacement of the windscreen washer reservoir filler neck

    • at the time of ordering, ventilated seats could not be ordered (today it is possible)

    • the car is quite wide and long for the city, making parking really tight

    • the model S can’t tow or have a roof rack

    • warranty light replacement (yellowing LED strip)

    read the entire review

  • profile photo of user Blake Check Blake Check US

    My Used Tesla Model S 60 8.7

    owner review of Tesla Model S 60 2013

    • Unlimited Supercharging

    • Purchase Price

    • Tesla Community Support

    • Environmental Sustainability

    • Practically 

    • Interior Styling

    • Exterior Styling

    • Acceleration

    • Handling

    • Included Premium Connectivity

    • Repair Costs

    • Reliability

    • Range

    • Charge Rate

    read the entire review

All Pros and Cons from 3 Tesla Model S Owner's reviews/test-drives

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