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所有者のレビュー Mercedes-Benz EQE EQE350+ 2023

Mercedes-Benz EQE EQE350+ 2023 - タイトル画像

Mercedes-Benz EQE

EQE350+ 2023

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Mercedes EQE 350+ low slung highway cruiser eats up the miles

31 Jul 2023

Mercedes-Benz EQE 長所と短所

  • Ride quality on highway

  • Quiet cabin

  • Rolling screen shade under glass roof #1 great idea. Tesla and Rivian are you listening?

  • Great mileage

  • Wipers that slow down as they reach vertical. Nice touch

  • 360 camera

  • Acceleration 40 to 65. Nice and metered to pass. Off line a bit low but expected as its base version

  • Headlights visibility 

  • Instrument panel visibility blocked by steering wheel

  • Body skid plates not removed at delivery from dealer. Fell off on a bump and was skidding along the road

  • UI is wonky and too many layers to get where you want to be

  • Visibility problems with the A pillars but is expected now on most cars

  • Reflection in windscreen from dash

  • Reflection on center display is blinding in overhead sunshine

  • Exterior door handles feel a bit cheap and loose

  • Seat belt tensioner feels like a kid in the back seat is tugging on your seatbelt 

  • Seating position vs viewing, the front screen is partially blocked. Cannot see digital speed or warnings

  • No frunk

  • 0-60 acceleration, but its the base version and more than adequate  

  • Tire Pressure Monitoring sensors. One is dead

  • Trunk opener from key  fob not always working

  • Next time don't buy black. Paint is only OK.


Mercedes EQE 350+ low slung highway cruiser eats up the miles

This is more than a test drive. I did not buy this car. It was a loaner for a week thru Rivian as my R1S is at the service center for some adjustments and repairs. I have driven this car a few long trips already. The EQE  is a pleasant car to drive on a long trip and it eats up the miles with ease. The body is very sloped and a bit hard to determine the edges when parking. The bottom of the car is only 5 inches above the pavement, so going up most driveways you will scrape the battery case bottom. The biggest gripe is the instrument panel is blocked by the steering wheel when you set it to a proper driving position. My last trip from LA to Solvang, driving to the vineyards, around town and back to LA was 270 miles. I started with 100% charge and arrived back in LA with 28% or 119 miles of range left. This works out to 237 watts/mile or 4.21 miles/kW. This would extrapolate to 375 miles or 389 miles if I used up the stated remaining range. Either way that is way more than the EPA rating of 305 mile. That's better than my Tesla Model 3. Overall if you are a E class fan this car will impress you and should not let you down.  


長期平均消費: 237 Wh/mi

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Mercedes-Benz EQE 写真

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  • 2023-08-02 06:24:49 UTC

    nice test drive

    I was surprised at how little consumption you measured. It's probably a really good car for the highway.