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Porsche Taycan (2019-2024) - 利点と不利点

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    Genuine Porsche with some stupid flaws 9.6

    所有者のレビュー Porsche Taycan 4S 2020

    • Driving experience. It is a pleasure to drive this car. Do you hear me? A pleasure. I am driving the latest BMW M5 Competition alongside, and I am telling you, driving Tycan is the experience you don't forget. The car is precise and responsive; it is also communicative. Again. No joke. I love it. And the Porsche Sound is the best EV sound out there. Period. 

    • Design. I don't care they say it's a subjective topic. Taycan is one of the sleekest cars ever. The design is gorgeous. Clean, elegant, yet sportive and aggressive. People give this car the gaze I have never experienced in any other vehicle. Even Ferrari looks like a child's drawing compared to Taycan flawless curves. 

    • Cockpit layout and design. It is fine. The layout is just ok, and the design is as well. I feel cozy inside; the driving position is almost perfect, and the fact that some minor control elements hide behind the steering wheel wreath is nothing to worry about. 

    • Two-speed gearbox and acceleration. I will be honest with you. I have never really understood the acceleration orgy. There are millions of videos on YouTube where people shout their voices out in reaction to EV acceleration. Surprise. The electric motor has an immediate onset of power and brutal efficiency. That gives you instant energy whenever you need it, which makes the car very safe. Yes, safe. If you can handle the EGO, you can control the power and get safely out of many dangerous situation

    • Range. Tesla is better. Let's be honest. But I don't care. Supposing it's cold outside, the range for a fully charged battery drops to 400 kilometers. In summer, it easily exceeds 500 km. The range decreases rapidly if you floor the pedal and go like 150 km/h on a highway. But on a single charge, combining highway and ordinary road plus some city driving, you can make 350+ km. And that is enough for my daily needs. 

    • Rearview camera. I suspect that back In the year 2000, VW Group ordered 500 million parking cameras with a resolution of 480 x 320 px and refused to place a new order since the original cameras were out of stock. Bad luck for us; they still sit there. So Taycan rearview camera is so shitty you can sometimes hardly recognize the objects behind the car. And the fact they added a washer next to the camera cannot ease the disappointment. 

    • The safety features and so-called auto pilot. Ridiculous. Only the lane change system works just fine. Active lane-keeping is a piece of crap. Adaptive cruise control is just a bit better. Even setting up and controlling the cruise control is complicated and stupid. If you need your Taycan to keep you precisely in the middle of the lane, it often can't do it properly. The saddest thing is that the same crap safety package software and hardware are transferred from VW to Audi to Porsche. 

    • Parking sensors. Do you remember those early days of parking sensors that beeped somewhat randomly instead of operating based on the proximity to the obstacle? In many ways, the Taycan sensors behave the same way. Compared to my M5 sensors and surround view, those Porsche's little bastards seem like a joke. Maybe the same guy responsible for the rearview cameras is in charge of parking sensors, either. 

    • Infotainment. Is in one word mockery. It is slow and buggy. The graphic, even after 2022 mega update, feels embarrassing. Auto-connecting smartphones are nothing less than a pain in the ass, and switching from one driver's profile to another is virtually impossible. The simple stuff doesn't work here seamlessly. Don't get me wrong. You can control and operate your car, but I believe in Porsche, it should be pleasant. And right now it is not. 

    • Build quality. I currently have about 15,000 miles on it and unfortunately it confirms to me that Porsche is not a car company that can produce a perfect interior. The larger plastic pieces are starting to pull away slightly in some places and the seats creak slightly when buckled. 


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    2021 Porsche Taycan 4S 9.3

    所有者のレビュー Porsche Taycan 4S 2021

    • Extraordinarily fast charging at Electrify America chargers

    • Acceleration continues pulling well over 100mph

    • Superior styling

    • Infinite customization of the Taycan with various cosmetic and performance options

    • Sporty, refined driving experience 

    • Excellent highway stability

    • Good sound system (Bose)

    • Quiet and refined at high speed

    • Variable suspension/ride height makes for a more practical daily driver

    • Reliable

    • Better than expected storage

    • Great acceleration 

    • Range is much better than EPA ratings

    • Exceptional build quality 

    • Decent lane keeping

    • Infotainment and software is mediocre compared to EV rivals

    • Mobile app experience is mediocre, connectivity is unreliable 

    • Some software updates require going to the dealership and can, in some cases, take several days

    • Very expensive depending on options

    • Screen and infotainment layout is unintuitive 

    • Software updates are not as frequent or as impactful compared to EV rivals

    • Less reliable charging network than the Tesla Supercharging Network

    • Camera quality is lacking given the price

    • Weight of the vehicle can be felt on tight turns

    • Wireless charger is only for one device, hard to use, and very slow

    • Battery preconditioning requires built-in navigation to trigger and cannot be manually overridden

    • Can be awkward to get in and out if the vehicle 

    • No Android Auto on the 2021 year Taycan. 

    • Center console storage is awkward to use


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    Porsche 4S Taycan Plus - thorough winter test 9.1

    試運転 Porsche Taycan 4S Plus 2020

    • extremely low center of gravity

    • outstanding interior soundproofing

    • interior and exterior design

    • versatility - it can be a sports car and comfortable limousine

    • great joy felt over how it can be driven, how it is designed and manufactured

    • hugs the road incredibly as if denying the laws of physics (even on poor roads, the chassis keeps you out of trouble)

    • battery warranty of 8 years/160,000 km (must not drop below 70%)

    • well-placed cameras around the car, they don’t get too dirty even in bad weather

    • 5 EuroNCAP stars (the highest safety rating)

    • there is a surprising amount of legroom and headroom in the back, but only for two people (the middle seat is more for extraordinary situations, e.g., for a child); in other words, the Taycan wonderfully accommodates four adults

    • a few years ago, unattainable acceleration in such a large executive vehicle

    • acceleration and flexibility better than 99% of cars on the road

    • low body - low air resistance (Cx 0.22)

    • rear cargo volume 366 l + possibility of a roof load (75 kg)

    • highly confident chassis even at high speeds on the German Autobahn

    • a wide range of chassis settings in the infotainment menu

    • two-speed transmission installed on the rear axle - supports excellent driving performance even at high speeds

    • software update via the Internet (OTA update - over-the-air)

    • haptic feedback in displays

    • the front storage space “frunk” is relatively large (80 l) and also accommodates standard cabin baggage

    • large wheelbase of 2,900 mm, contributing to driving certainty at high speeds and the spaciousness of the interior

    • quarter mile in 12.13 seconds (Launch Control), 12.72 seconds (without LC) on winter tires

    • wireless Apple Car Play

    • Porsche mobile app

    • rear axle steering (surcharge)

    • high weight, about 2,200 kg

    • it lacks a one-pedal driving mode commonly found in many electric vehicles

    • high prices for surcharges

    • with the battery cold and low (below cca 25%), power becomes slightly limited, i.e., acceleration too

    • poor visibility to the rear through the C-pillar and small rear window

    • this is probably not even a minus, but in light of the weight, let us not confuse the Taycan with the model 911

    • the steering wheel covers the side of the large display underneath it

    • The Taycan is nearly five meters long and nearly two meters wide, which is definitely noticeable when parking in the city


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    Reliable, FAST and FUN! 7.6

    所有者のレビュー Porsche Taycan 4S 2020

    • Very reliable, with minimal service required.

    • Drives like a slot car; simply point and shoot.

    • Fast and Fun.

    • Porsche and Volkswagen have a long way to go to catch up the number of charging stations offered by Tesla.

    • Getting a PCM module replacement took much too long.