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    Audi Q4 E-tron Sportback Edition 1 Review and Comparisons to the Skoda Enyag 80 Suite 9

    owner review of Audi Q4 e-tron Sportback 40 2021

    • Good vehicle distance warning software which gives you how many seconds the vehicle in front of you actually is.

    • Air conditioning controls in the back for rear passengers to use. Not in the Enyaq.

    • 12v sockets throughout the car. Better than the Enyaq which only had one such socket - right in the boot!

    • Excellent handling and drive. Noticeably better than the Skoda Enyaq.

    • Despite the Sport suspension of the S Line trim, the ride is impeccable. Even speed bumps are well resolved and again better than the Enyaq.

    • Ambient Lighting Plus Package.

    • Sonos Sound System - no premium sound system on my Enyaq.

    • Swerve Assist and Turn Assist

    • Evasive Assist and Sideguard Assist

    • 125kW rapid charging. My Enyaq was capped at 50kW.

    • Laminated side glass which makes the car even quieter than the already quiet Enyaq.

    • Infotainment and software generally is better than that of the Enyaq.

    • Boot on the Sportback is actually bigger than that on the conventional SUV e-tron.

    • Privacy glass - again not available on my Enyaq 80 trim.

    • Electrically adjustable front seats.

    • Automatic Boot opening via the key. Not available on my trim of the Enyaq.

    • Heated front seats - not available on the Enyaq Suite.

    • S Line Trim which enhances the aesthetics of the car inside and out. Black Styling Package and stainless steel pedals.

    • USB C inputs x 2 in the rear for back seat passenger use. The Enyaq had these in the front only.

    • 3 zone Climate Control compared to the Enyaq's 2 zone Climate Control.

    • Has the Safety Pack Plus which includes blind spot warning and rear cross traffic alert. 

    • Matrix LED headlights with dynamic light sequencing.

    • Wireless Phone Charging - not available on my particular Enyaq.

    • Sport seating is firm but comfortable.

    • Unlike the Skoda, the Audi has no reversing camera. By far and away the most glaring of the Cons frankly, and I will have to buy a camera separately. No excuse, Audi - this is poor. Most lesser cars have reversing cameras as standard, including my former Enyaq Suite!

    • The Skoda has a heated steering wheel as standard - not on the Audi.

    • No forward sensors. Not quite as glaring a faux pas as no reversing camera but still unacceptable for a car at this level.

    • No rear wiper and small rear screen

    • The Skoda has a better Home Screen which combines the Map, Car Play etc along with other features. The Audi Home Screen is just a list of different functions.

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