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  • profile photo of user Tomas Tomas

    Škoda Enyaq iV 80 - a pleasant surprise, the best car on the MEB platform so far 9.6

    test drive of Škoda Enyaq iV 80 RWD 2021

    • high safety level (5 Euro NCAP stars)

    • very rigid body

    • very good brakes - measured 100-0 km/h - 35.6 m

    • excellent turning circle

    • very comfortable chassis despite large 20" wheels (best among the MEB platform cars)

    • rear-wheel drive (a much better solution than front-wheel drive)

    • customisable infotainment (3 favourite items)

    • classic steering wheel buttons (much better solution than touch buttons)

    • 4 window controls in the driver's door (VW ID.3 and ID.4 use an impractical solution with only two buttons)

    • spacious interior (more space than e.g. Audi Q5)

    • large luggage compartment (585 l, 1711 l when folded down)

    • door pockets can also hold large 1.5 bottles (also in the rear door)

    • well-lit luggage compartment, including the area behind the car (when the fifth door is open)

    • umbrella in the front driver and passenger doors

    • quiet electric drive

    • low interior cabin noise

    • excellent interior build quality, nothing creaked on bumps

    • regular OTA (over-the-air) software updates, without the need for a service visit

    • sufficient power of 150 kW and 310 Nm for agile driving

    • acceleration under 9 seconds measured even with a nearly discharged battery (10% SoC)

    • official acceleration to 100 km/h in 8.6 seconds (measured 8.4 seconds)

    • highway consumption of 22-23 kWh, i.e. a highway range of 330-340 km

    • city consumption 17-18 kWh, i.e. a range of over 400 km

    • natural seating position in the rear

    • charging up to 125 kW, i.e. 200 km of motorway range or 300 km of urban range can be recharged in 35 minutes

    • handy mobile phone pocket on the rear of the backrest

    • quick infotainment response

    • clear, colour head-up display

    • large space under the boot floor - for cables

    • 4x large, robust bag hooks in the luggage compartment

    • navigation does not know about charging stations that have been around for a long time

    • incomplete planning of long routes with recharging

    • voice assistant does not understand some basic commands

    • no frunk

    • does not display battery percentage (only below 10%)

    • higher kerb weight (2280 kg)

    • top speed only 160 km/h (electronically limited)

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  • profile photo of user Dahshur Dahshur GB

    Great Electric SUV Overall But Room For Improvement 8.3

    owner review of Škoda Enyaq iV 80 Suite 2021

    • Seats are super comfortable. No cramps or having to move around during long journeys. Back support is amazing.

    • Great road holding

    • Very comfortable ride. Breezes over bumps and potholes etc.

    • High quality interior - better than that of the VW ID4

    • Good range.

    • Very quiet at high speed - you can whisper and hear very clearly.

    • Great size Info Screen @ 13"

    • Great acceleration - quicker than the stated 0-60mph.

    • Super size boot and the Security Cover is retractable (unlike the ID4 on strings)

    • Lots of interior space - passengers can stretch right out, front and rear.

    • Cabin storage is good. Plenty of bins for the usual stuff you leave in a car.

    • Great visibility at the front and sides. Rear while more restricted is still more than acceptable.

    • Sound system is really good.

    • Cruise Control On/Off switch fiddly. Should not be on the same stalk as the indicators, as these can be activated accidentally.

    • Skoda App needs improving.

    • Mine does not have a Washer Fluid Reservoir Low Warning light?

    • Lane Control function is so fierce that I always switch it off. Apparently Skoda are rectifying this

    • Only 50KW Rapid Charging as standard.

    • Software can occasionally be temperamental when using the Info Screen.

    • No frunk

    • No front seat 12V input

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  • profile photo of user LioD972 LioD972

    Test Skoda Sportline 80 7.3

    test drive of Škoda Enyaq iV 80 Sportline 2021

    • Very good adjustment of part in the car, excellent quality

    • space (booth, interior) are huge almost like my skoda superb

    • Luxury sensation

    • equipment and option

    • head up display

    • Driving sensation is excellent

    • Style, very good looking

    • very good suspension and ride on bad road

    • Safety

    • gps system, system of the car not that great

    • no heat pump by defaut (option)

    • option are expensive but necessary

    • price

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  • profile photo of user Leon Leon GB

    Fantastic family car! 6.4

    owner review of Škoda Enyaq iV 60kw loft 2021

    • Effortless to drive....smooth as you like

    • Fantastic space inside...and a gigantic boot!

    • Great quality interior and car overall..everything shuts with a thunk!

    • Good range...actually surprised us! Around 180 miles with miles left to spare at motorway speeds,  fully loaded, with 5 people and a roofbox!

    • Good looking car!

    • Lack of heating controls as buttons is annoying

    • Infotainment is buggy and not the fastest to respond

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