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2019 Audi e-tron Premium Plus Owner Review

Audi e-tron

Premium Plus 2019

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Audi E-tron

Two years driving an Audi E-tron 

03 Nov 2022

Owner Review

Audi E-tron

I took delivery of a 2019 Audi E-tron in August of 2020, replacing a 2014 Audi A6 diesel, which I had loved driving every inch of 120,000 miles (aside from the little diesel emissions issue, which got fixed).

In the fall of 2021, I noticed a decrease in battery capacity. This was very quickly diagnosed  by my Audi dealer’s excellent service department as a single bad battery module. Apparently, Audi can replace a bad battery module without replacing the entire battery. This was done perfectly, although because of supply chain issues related to COVID and limited EV parts infrastructure and experience with managing such issues for EVs, that did take a long time to get the needed parts - over two months. But I was treated very well, with an excellent loaner and some compensation for my trouble. 

Shortly after getting the car back in “like new” shape re battery capacity, Audi did a software update which increased my range, and that has held up well. I now drive an EV with longer range than when it was new over two years ago.

I love the interior, the quiet, excellent ride, performance, and carrying capacity of this vehicle. We are not only extremely comfortable in the front seats, but passengers in the rear seats consistently say how comfortable they are. All systems, from the air-conditioning to the sound system just work, and work very well. After over two years, I cannot imagine a better vehicle for our local and regional driving. But of course, it is an EV. Our other vehicle (Buick Enclave) is for road trips and for when we transport 6 or 7 the 20 miles from our home to our boat. Otherwise, that relic which burns ancient dinosaurs stays in the garage and we put FAR more miles on the Audi E-tron. 

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