2022 Ford F-150 Lightning Pro Standard Range Owner Review

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Ford F-150 Lightning

Pro Standard Range 2022

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Good First Attempt by Ford

17 Nov 2022

Ford F-150 Lightning Pros and Cons

  • 9.6 Pro Power on board could be a game changer for contractors and work trucks!

  • The Frunk is the one thing I use the most.

  • The Pro trim level is well equipped.

  • The seats on even the base model are extremely comfortable.

  • The onboard scales are nice.

  • Its an electric truck!

  • The stated range of 230 is more like 195 on highway driving and 115 when towing.

  • Aerodynamics slightly better than a brick.

  • No step rail option on the Pro Model.

Owner Review

Good First Attempt by Ford

I have enjoyed the Lightning since I started driving it 3 months ago.  It is a nice soft ride with the independent rear suspension.  The truck handles better than most trucks on the road and the driving experience in infinitely enhanced with the out of this world acceleration!  Other than windy days, this truck drives as nice as most EV's that I have owned.  The biggest con to this truck is by far the range.  The stated range on the pro model is 230 miles.  I have yet to get more than 210 miles out of a full charge.  When driving on the highway at 70mph, you can expect an efficiency of around 1.7 Miles per KWh.  In the city, I get about 2.1.  This is definitely not a commuter vehicle.  For a contractor or anyone that needs power at a jobsite, the 9.6 pro power on board is a no-brainer option.  I keep my Ryobi battery charger in the frunk with charged batteries ready to go. 

The Frunk is the #1 feature that I use every day.  We always use it for groceries or carrying anything we want secured.  The low entry is amazing and should be copied by other EV truck makers.  Also the 4 110v outlets in the frunk is great for charging batteries while keeping them secure.

This truck is a great first attempt at an EV truck.  Once they figure out the range and maybe add some aerodynamics, Ford will have not only an amazing EV truck, but an amazing EV in general.

Long-term average consumption

Long-term average consumption: 1.8 mi/kWh

See Tech Specs - Ford F-150 Lightning


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