2017 Hyundai Ioniq Electric Premium SE 28kW Owner Review

Hyundai Ioniq Electric

Premium SE 28kW 2017

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Our first EV... 6yrs old with 25k on the clock

03 Sep 2023

Hyundai Ioniq Electric Pros and Cons

  • Apple carplay & Android auto compatible 

  • Feature packed - heated and ventilated seats

  • Seats five with ease

  • Perfect if you do short distances for commuting, visiting....

  • Great for transitioning form ICE to EV - without the technical overload or the insane acceleration.

  • Tyre choice critical if you want a quiet drive

  • Light steering

  • s

Considered buying

Jaguar I-PACE


example image of Jaguar I-PACE

The Attractions:

It's a Jaaaaag!

The Dealbreakers:

Needs to be cheaper.....

Owner Review

Our first EV... 6yrs old with 25k on the clock

UPDATED 9/23: 28Kwh Battery Model and not the 38Kwh midlife update model.

A change to EV life with a second hand Hyundai ioniq electric. We won't be going back to an ICE vehicle again.

The Ioniq is average looking, well spec'd and easy to drive. It can be noisy depending on the tyres you have. It's has a split rear screen which some people think is a problem.... It's not.

Summer time, I would base it @125mile range with standard settings, climate control and travelling at 65-75mph. Plan to stop around the 100mile mark and you'll never worry about the range.

The charging network is now good enough to find a rapid charger easily. Longer journeys are done in comfort and planning ahead will get you there without the stress.

We don't have a car charger installed and only use the granny charger. Off peak charging works with the 28kwh battery. It charges relatively quickly then the 75-90kwh battery's in the other cars. It works with our lifestyle. 

A superb average car - that's more than capable as a second hand motor. Or as a second car for those looking to green.

Autoexpress have given the Ioniq Electric , the best used EV. Ahead of any of the likely front runners (including the Tesla Model S).

If you only read about how poor EV's are not a viable solution compared to ICE cars - try finding positive reviews. Hopefully this is a balanced review for you digest. The main thing to do is to go and test drive this car before you buy. We did that and considered it's limitations and it's possibilities. 

Some key differences between the initial 28kwh ioniq and the midlife updated 38kwh ioniq.

Besides the battery upgrade, the 38 has an updated on board charger - 7.2kw. Up from the 6kw on board charger of the 28.

The 28 is able to charge quicker on DC rapid charger at 68kw, compared to 50kw on the 38. 

The 38 has a better information system with a phone app to remotely monitor the car. Luckily both information systems are still updated by Hyundai (once a year).

We are entering our first autumn and winter with the car and will update it performance accordingly.

Long-term average consumption

Long-term average consumption: 4.8 mi/kWh

See Tech Specs - Hyundai Ioniq Electric


  • 2023-09-05 19:13:52 UTC

    Original Ioniq

    The original Ioniq is a legend. :) Mainly for its low consumption and reliability.

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