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Porsche Taycan pros and cons


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    Porsche 4S Taycan Plus - thorough winter test 9.1

    test drive of Porsche Taycan 4S Plus 2020

    • extremely low center of gravity

    • outstanding interior soundproofing

    • interior and exterior design

    • versatility - it can be a sports car and comfortable limousine

    • great joy felt over how it can be driven, how it is designed and manufactured

    • hugs the road incredibly as if denying the laws of physics (even on poor roads, the chassis keeps you out of trouble)

    • battery warranty of 8 years/160,000 km (must not drop below 70%)

    • well-placed cameras around the car, they don’t get too dirty even in bad weather

    • 5 EuroNCAP stars (the highest safety rating)

    • there is a surprising amount of legroom and headroom in the back, but only for two people (the middle seat is more for extraordinary situations, e.g., for a child); in other words, the Taycan wonderfully accommodates four adults

    • a few years ago, unattainable acceleration in such a large executive vehicle

    • acceleration and flexibility better than 99% of cars on the road

    • low body - low air resistance (Cx 0.22)

    • rear cargo volume 366 l + possibility of a roof load (75 kg)

    • highly confident chassis even at high speeds on the German Autobahn

    • a wide range of chassis settings in the infotainment menu

    • two-speed transmission installed on the rear axle - supports excellent driving performance even at high speeds

    • software update via the Internet (OTA update - over-the-air)

    • haptic feedback in displays

    • the front storage space “frunk” is relatively large (80 l) and also accommodates standard cabin baggage

    • large wheelbase of 2,900 mm, contributing to driving certainty at high speeds and the spaciousness of the interior

    • quarter mile in 12.13 seconds (Launch Control), 12.72 seconds (without LC) on winter tires

    • wireless Apple Car Play

    • Porsche mobile app

    • rear axle steering (surcharge)

    • high weight, about 2,200 kg

    • it lacks a one-pedal driving mode commonly found in many electric vehicles

    • high prices for surcharges

    • with the battery cold and low (below cca 25%), power becomes slightly limited, i.e., acceleration too

    • poor visibility to the rear through the C-pillar and small rear window

    • this is probably not even a minus, but in light of the weight, let us not confuse the Taycan with the model 911

    • the steering wheel covers the side of the large display underneath it

    • The Taycan is nearly five meters long and nearly two meters wide, which is definitely noticeable when parking in the city

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    Reliable, FAST and FUN! 8.3

    owner review of Porsche Taycan 4S 2020

    • Very reliable, with minimal service required.

    • Drives like a slot car; simply point and shoot.

    • Fast and Fun.

    • Porsche and Volkswagen have a long way to go to catch up the number of charging stations offered by Tesla.

    • Getting a PCM module replacement took much too long.

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