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    Why I Chose The Tesla Model 3 As My Family Car! 9.6

    owner review of Tesla Model 3 Standard Range Plus (SR+) 2021

    • Zero emissions

    • Great build, no paintwork or panel gap issues

    • Easy clean up for the interior. Can wipe down sticky finger prints with just baby wipes.

    • Exclusive access to one of the biggest charging networks on the planet -Tesla Supercharger network. Offers a seamless plug and play experience, but you also have the option to access to other 3rd party charging networks like the ones used by EV competitors.

    • Extremely limited servicing requirements. No annual service required!

    • Acceleration and breaking regen just makes driving easy and fun.

    • Super low running costs

    • Storage space !!! Frunk and under boot storage is a real plus for those unique circumstances.

    • No transmission box in between the middle seat gives back seat passenger greater move-ability and greater comfort to the middle seat user. Just overall legroom is great to.

    • All round dashcam recorder via the autopliot cameras

    • Sentry mode for enhanced security 

    • Silky smooth user interface

    • Seamless smartphone integration including keyless entry

    • Pearl white paint is underrated. Specially after a good clean

    • Range is more then suffice for the everyday user like me! Road trips with SR+ are also super easy as the navigation takes the stress out of the charging calculations. On a long trip, this range is more then sufficient as I suspect you'll need to use the toilet facilities before you need to charge!

    • Simplistic interior design for a clutter-less experience.

    • One of the safest cars to drive in the world. Don't overlook your cars safety ratings especially if its your family car.

    • Rear door access is good

    • Autopilot for long distance driving is a game changer

    • ISO Fix compatible and joints are hidden in the joints of the seats for greater visual appeal

    • Spotify is a great addition to keep the kids and adults entertained with access to vast library of songs and podcasts 

    • Cabin protection is great for when it gets hot. No more entering into a stuffy hot car.

    • Front seat comfort is sublime

    • Easy entry mode for the driver

    • Wheels have a tendency to get Kerb rash. Partially driver fault but my issue is the tyre never takes the impact, so the alloys must poke out ever so slightly more taking the full impact.

    • Boot entrance could be bigger but its good enough for a sedan. 

    • Rear visibility through the mirror is weak. Camera is better alternative

    • Be prepared for a long delivery times. High demand seems to be pushing delivery times back.

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  • profile photo of user MrMogensen MrMogensen DK

    1st year with our Model 3 LR AWD 9.5

    owner review of Tesla Model 3 Long Range AWD 2019

    • Sound system is incredible. 

    • Driverprofiles! When getting close to the car it recognises the phone and after entry my personal preferences are set (seat position, leven of brake regen and so on).

    • 15” touchscreen is iPad Pro like quality.

    • Performance on both straight line and cornering.

    • Dual Motor (AWD) handling

    • Looks (most people love it)

    • Supercharger network for trips

    • OTA (WiFi or 4G) updates.

    • Google maps is not perfect but seems to know all locations.

    • Seats are generally a good mix of comfy and sporty and the “vegan leather” is quite tough.

    • Wind noise from frameless windows if it’s very windy or at high speeds.

    • Paint is beautiful but not perfect when you look closer inside doors and trunk.

    • Seats lacks adjustable lower rear thigh support for long legged drivers.

    • Some body panels misalligned.

    • Noise from wheels quite noticeable on some roads.

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  • profile photo of user Sarajawesome Sarajawesome US

    The TESLA Model 3 Has Changed My Life!!! 9.8

    owner review of Tesla Model 3 Standard Range Plus 2020

    • The screen is in the perfect spot to see everything you need to, but does not block the line of sight for the driver.

    • Entertainment is the best! This car has everything from Netflix, to farting sounds, to video games... you can easily pass time anywhere with anyone. 

    • The ability to schedule maintenance or service in your Tesla app and include pictures is amazing. You can also reschedule in the app as well. 

    • TESLA mobile service will come to your location for all kinds of maintenance. I have had them come to my home 3 times, and it was 100% free for everything that was under warranty. 

    • Stereo system is amazing. Every sound is clear and perfectly balanced. No additional settings or speakers are needed. Classical music to rock music all sound clear, even bass is good. 

    • Always feels like a new car when you get updates. It never gets old!!

    • The voice commands, blue-tooth calls, and voice to txt can understand you easily. I have had no issues with hands-free phone calls via bluetooth. They are loud and clear on both ends. 

    • Charging at home or at a Super Chargers is cheap, easy, efficient, and reliable. There are also so many Tesla Super Chargers that road trips don't seem scary. 

    • Safety and security is mind-blowing. The ability to record 24 hours a day, 360 degrees around the car makes you feel safe when driving or when you leave your car parked. Also easy to use and the car seems to really know what footage it should save. 

    • PIN for driving and glovebox is very nice and provides added safety. 

    • Multiple driving profiles are very convenient and save almost every single setting you can think of, not just the seat!! 

    • Updates are released quite often and typically download in 30 minutes or less. They also download automatically so you never have to worry about updating your car manually. 

    • Automatic windshield wipers are fun, safe, and convenient.

    • The ability to control the car with your phone is a dream. Climate, range, locks, and location can all be seen adjusted from your phone.

    • Basic included Autopilot is absolutely amazing. I use it daily. It is easy to use and works exactly as stated. No issues with it.

    • The air conditioning and heating is the best I have ever had. It heats and cools faster than any other vehicle. Great for people in hot climates.

    • Cost of maintenance and driving is next to nothing. I can drive 200 miles for only $5.00. 

    • Acceleration is the best I have ever experienced. Smoothe and fast!!

    • One pedal driving is so easy, so relaxing, and actually saves you money. Regenerative braking is smoothe and easy to get used to.

    • Amazing handling in all weather conditions. Steering is tight and traction is never lost in my experience. Car is low to the ground for added control, but not so low that it scrapes on slanted driveways etc.

    • Cargo space is out of this world. There is room for almost anything you can think of, including a 5 foot Christmas tree if needed with seats down.

    • Passenger seating is comfortable and spaced very well. Plenty of headspace and foot room for all five seats.

    • The driver seat is actually the most comfortable chair/seat/couch I have ever sat in. The ergonomics for your spine and body mechanics are absolutely spot on, plus superb seat warmers for all 5 passengers!

    • The interior dash area is modern, clean, and beautiful. No buttons or knobs to collect dust either!

    • Safety First! This is the safest car I have ever owned. Crash ratings are superb, crash test videos are astounding. I feel safe driving this car, and I feel like my kids are safe in it. Roll-overs are near impossible, and the handling in this car is the best I have ever felt.

    • The exterior of the car is absolutely beautiful, and also aerodynamic.

    • Battery range accuracy is incredible when you plug in trips and use battery percentage display. I've found it's accurate to within 2%. 

    • A/C seems to have some kind of issue causing an odor especially in humid climates, and Tesla has advised not to use recirculated air setting to avoid the issue. Cabin air filters need to be changed at least once or twice a year as well.

    • Delivery takes quite a while. I waited 8 weeks for my car, but it was worth the wait!

    • Manufacturer defects are possible, like any vehicle. Mine had 3 panel gaps upon delivery, each 7mm or less. Tesla fixed them for free.

    • Cabin air filters are not very accessible, but not necessarily difficult to get to either. Both are located in the center console.

    • Battery loses quite a bit of range in freezing temperatures. But there are ways to avoid excess battery loss, such as scheduled departure etc. 

    • TESLA needs to include a list of voice commands for the vehicle. A lot of commands are common sense, but some are not. However, it does understand your spoken words easily. 

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  • profile photo of user JBWestHull JBWestHull GB

    These cars really do live up to the hype. 9.4

    owner review of Tesla Model 3 SR+ 2019

    • Super Charger Network, currently the best, fastest and most reliable chargers.

    • Software updates. Like a phone, the car get better over time!

    • The App! I've had numerous EVs, this is by far the best App around. So quick and responsive. Cool in Summer and Warm your car in winter! See where the car is. Unlock, start car while away!

    • Obviously this will be objective, but the car is stunning to look at. Inside and out. 

    • Very fast, even this standard range version.

    • The infotainment screen is second to none! Yes it doesn't have android auto/Apple car play. While I'd still like this feature, it really isn't needed. 

    • Autopilot. If you're on a motorway, the autopilot is unbelievable. It's definitely one of the features you'd show off to your friends. Makes long journeys effortless.

    • FSD. Full self drive. Tesla, stop it. It doesn't. The cost of this feature is unbelievable. And it does very little in the UK. And the timescales of this actually working have slipped again and again and again.

    • To paraphrase Ghandi. What do I think of Tesla Customer service? I think it would be a good idea.

    • Auto wipers, they're fine... but they need improvement. Especially as it is difficult to manually control them.

    • Paintwork, yes it's not great.

    • Quality control, issues do exist.

    • Autopilot, yes it's also a negative. The car annoys you to make sure you're driving every 20 seconds of so. Even if you have your hands on the wheel it can still ask you, especially if you're travelling in a straight line. Tesla need to improve on this.

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  • profile photo of user Blake Check Blake Check US

    My Dream Car - Stealth Model 3 Performance 9.4

    owner review of Tesla Model 3 Model 3 Performance [Stealth/Sleeper] 2018

    • Value

    • Performance

    • Technology

    • Range

    • Ride Comfort

    • Practicality

    • Reliability

    • Safety

    • Design

    • No Unlimited Supercharging

    • No Free Premium Connectivity

    • Purchase Price

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  • profile photo of user MrT MrT NL

    One year ownership: still love the car & every drive 9

    owner review of Tesla Model 3 SR+ 2020

    • Frequent Over-The-Air updates, improvements etc

    • Auto-pilot & FSD: maybe not level 5 and all, but impressive, improving all the time, and makes for much more relaxed highway drives

    • Tesla Super Charger network and the way planning a route in the Tesla takes car of any need charges, what chargers to visit etc

    • Paint quality on our car not up to highest standards, so decided to add a glass/nano/ceramic coating

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  • profile photo of user Philb Philb CH

    Super driving experience 9

    owner review of Tesla Model 3 Long Range 2021

    • Supercharger Network, fast and easy to use

    • Tesla App is increndible

    • Extremely low running/maintance costs

    • Over-the-air Updates

    • Friendly Tesla community

    • Infotainment is unbeatable

    • Keyless Driving

    • Minimalist/clean interior

    • Panoramic glass roof

    • Single pedal driving

    • Real world range of around 500 km

    • Great Performance: 0-100 km/h in 4.4 s

    • Great Navigation system (based on Google Maps)

    • Enhanced Autopilot works fine

    • possibility to buy upgrades (FSD, Enhanced Autopilot,

      Acceleration Boost)

    • Sentry Mode/Dashcam for security

    • can't schedule charging from the app

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  • profile photo of user Ashboa Ashboa

    Very Impressive 9.2

    owner review of Tesla Model 3 Long Range 2021

    • Genuine 300 mile range of you try. 

    • Infotainment including app interface is unbeatable

    • Supercharging network is fast and reliable

    • Overtaking monster

    • Dog mode, Sentry Mode, Camp Mode all brilliant

    • Paintwork seems a bit soft. Stone chips after less than 1000 miles

    • Autopilot is too aggressive on the brakes

    • You can't schedule charging from the app! 

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  • profile photo of user EVWill EVWill GB

    I was a petrol head, and this is the Game changer 9.5

    owner review of Tesla Model 3 Standard Range Plus 2019

    • The acceleration, power, regen breaking are excellent

    • Extremely low running costs

    • The safest car in the World

    • Over the air updates constantly refresh, fix bugs and modernise the car. I've had improved acceleration, increased range, extra games/Netflix/Youtube etc

    • The most efficient EV of them all

    • Autopilot is incredible, and constantly improving thanks to 'Over the air' updates

    • The touch screen is superb, simple to use, and fast responding

    • The supercharger network is superb, simple to use, and fast

    • Extremely low depreciation

    • Preheating (or cooling) the cabin from App is a useful feature

    • Great looking car inside and out

    • My Wife finally enjoys driving, and my kids love it

    • Loads of storage space, big boot & frunk

    • The Tesla owners community (and EV community) are wonderful

    • Entertainment is excellent - Youtube, Netflix, fun games etc

    • It would be nice to be available in other colours

    • any cons I think of are ridiculously petty when considering the pros

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  • profile photo of user maveric74 maveric74

    Driving the future..NOW 7.9

    owner review of Tesla Model 3 SR+ 2019

    • charging network, long term savings over ICE, future tech

    • software updates, low maintenance, instant acceleration

    • minimalist interior, REGEN braking, Full Self Driving option

    • a head turner, Tesla community, visionary CEO

    • Electric, green car, zero emissions

    • Need to charge on longer trips for a bit longer than refuelling a ICE car. Driving tech on car may not be for everyone as it is futuristic and older drivers without much exposure to technology may struggle.

      Cost is not in line with other ICE vehicles but considering the savings long term is relevant here but still out of price bracket for a lot of people. While there is brand awareness amongst the techy people and the die hard fans, there is still a lot of brand awareness that needs to be created a

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  • profile photo of user David Vávra David Vávra CZ

    Tesla Model 3 2020 LR: review after a year 9.2

    owner review of Tesla Model 3 Long Range 2020

    • Great efficiency and range

    • Driving simlicity, single pedal control

    • Hassle-free travel over great distances thanks to Superchargers

    • The car stays great and surprising due to the software updates

    • Minimalist design, minimal hardware buttons

    • Friends and family are always interested in my Tesla

    • Sentry Mode (recording possible intruders)

    • Full-self driving on the highway

    • Fun of driving, acceleration

    • Onboard entertainment (Netflix, games, karaoke, Spotify ...)

    • Camp Mode

    • Smaller vehicle suitable for European city

    • Deep trunk + frunk

    • Can easily be rented out = reducing costs

    • Easter eggs and geeky stuff

    • Tesla community and gatherings

    • Expensive insurance

    • High price

    • You must stay vigilant with autopilot, sometimes unexpectedly brakes

    • The trunk does not open automatically (resolved in the 2021 model)

    • Opening doors is not intuitive, I must explain it to people (the 2021 model at least has icons inside)

    • USB charging is slow (the 2021 model now has a fast USB-C)

    • Soft paint, easily scratched

    • Onboard internet is free only for a year

    • Glossy middle console, gets dirty quickly (resolved in the 2021 model)

    • Signs detection does not work on autopilot, sometimes causing unnecessary deceleration

    • The trunk opening is not a hatchback

    • Minor issues upon handover (rear light fogging, one seatbelt clip was under the seat)

    • Regenerative braking decreases in winter, they could emulate it by normal braking

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  • profile photo of user Michael from Melbourne Michael from Melbourne AU

    Feels like a spaceship 9.6

    owner review of Tesla Model 3 Performance 2019

    • Access to the Tesla supercharger network which still has a way to go here in Australia but is growing year on year.

    • DC fast charging up to 250 kW (best I have achieved in reality is 184 kW, which means almost empty to almost full in the time it takes to eat lunch). 

    • The safest car the NHTSA has ever tested.

    • Over the air software updates mean that the car gets better as it ages. 

    • Autopilot and Navigate on Autopilot, while not perfect and do require a hand in the wheel and supervision, work very well on Freeways and well marked roads. Full self driving beta is on limited release in the USA and looks amazing.

    • Real world range of around 450 km.

    • Highly efficient power train aided by low aerodynamic coefficient. 

    • Exhilarating acceleration: 0-100 km/h in 3.4 s.

    • Updates which so far have delivered Navigate on Autopilot, improved driving visualisations, more audio options and even improved range and performance.

    • Navigation system based on Google Maps which has excellent detail and resolution.

    • Sentry Mode and Dashcam are great for security. 

    • Clever integration of phone (unlocks when you walk up to the car and locks when you walk away).

    • Interior is pretty roomy.

    • Vast panoramic glass roof (great views when driving through a forest).

    • Great lines on the exterior. No fake grill or fiddly extraneous bits.

    • Beautiful minimalist interior (I got the white seats which still look perfect after 15 months).

    • Excellent reversing cameras (includes views from repeaters on the side). 

    • Good sized boot/trunk and froot/frunk.

    • Awesome sound system.

    • Self parking works quite well, especially for parallel parking.

    • Single pedal driving: this is the way all cars should drive.

    • Quiet, especially at low speed.

    • Expensive purchase price (although cost of ownership is low). 

    • Exterior door handles and interior door buttons need to be explained to passengers.

    • No wireless phone charging (again, I believe this is available on the 2021 Model 3). 

    • Would be good to have zoned climate control (different temperatures for driver and passenger). PS: apparently this is possible; selected from the screen).

    • No powerlift on boot/trunk (I believe this is available on the new Model 3) or froot/frunk.

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  • profile photo of user ElectroDad ElectroDad CZ

    The first year with Tesla Model 3 Long Range 9.3

    owner review of Tesla Model 3 Long Range 2020

    • even if it’s "only" the LR version, it accelerates to 100 km/h in an unreal 4.4 seconds, and its top speed is 233 km/h

    • In my opinion, the Tesla Model 3 LR has an excellent price/performance ratio

    • own network of charging stations called Supercharger - this is a crucial advantage for Tesla owners - I’ve never experienced Supercharger not working when I pull up, or that all the stands would be occupied

    • the car sits beautifully on the road due to the low battery positioning; it takes bends with absolute certainty, and sometimes I find cornering truly thrilling

    • WLTP range was set at 560 km (my experience: summer mix of highway and city cca 450 km, summer city only up to 600 km, winter mix cca 350 km)

    • the power to weight ratio is 171 W/kg - a great value, cca two times better than most competitor machines I’ve driven

    • the car knows on the way to Supercharger to preheat the battery so that rapid charging would be the fastest, while protecting battery life

    • excellent audio, 15 speakers

    • the rear trunk also has a deep part (see photo), total capacity 542 liters

    • overtaking I dare say is more like "teleporting"; you never have to think about what gear you’re in like with an ICE - engines are ready in any gear to accelerate instantly and strongly

    • AC charging - the best - 11 kW AC charger (amps can be adjusted to just the values you need)

    • 5 stars, the highest rating in the EuroNCAP crash test, the Top Safety Pick +, the highest IIHS rating (USA)

    • superb battery thermal management

    • can charge at a rate of up to 250 kW (up to 300 km gained in just 25 minutes of recharging!); the remaining 95% of electric vehicles cannot charge so quickly

    • drag coefficient Cx only 0.23 - i.e., excellent aerodynamics

    • excellent infotainment, plus constantly being improved through regular updates via WI-FI

    • single pedal control (after taking the foot off the accelerator, the car brakes itself to a stop), it’s almost addictive

    • cameras around the entire car + possibility to record everything on the hard drive

    • very well built, high-quality interior (model 2020)

    • quality - mostly soft plastics in the interior

    • comfortable seats with reasonable lateral support

    • very rigid body

    • really dig the car design; it looks way better in reality than in the pictures

    • the service interval is only recommended; I am going to have it serviced once every three years for replacements such as brake fluid

    • it has a trunk in front, the estimated 80-liter capacity beautifully accommodates all cables, a warning triangle, compressor, fire extinguisher and other small accessories that would otherwise take up space in the back

    • standard warranty of four years/80,000 km, battery covered for eight years/196,000 km

    • despite the higher weight at 1,931 kg including the driver, Tesla does a great job at disguising it by the sheer power of its engines and stiffer chassis and brakes

    • lots of legroom for rear passengers including the middle seat

    • can have a towing device, 750 kg/1,000 kg

    • this car actually has far more power than I need, so I also use the “chill” drive mode, in which the accelerator response is smoother

    • performance increased several times by software updates up to today’s 333 kW

    • the charging connector is at the end of the car (in the corner by the taillight), so even short DC charging cables easily reach

    • pleasantly small steering wheel with thick ring

    • large wheelbase of 288 cm

    • interior noise at higher speeds is decent, but it’s definitely not tops

    • despite the bad reputation of Teslas in the early years of production, in my car nothing creaks, and I am satisfied with the refinement

    • not many service centers - only in big cities

    • the hazard switch is poorly positioned in the ceiling

    • it’s a sedan; a liftback like the S model would be better

    • serious upcharge for the red paint job, but it seems to be high-quality

    • opening the car via a "mobile phone key" is sometimes not entirely reliable, sometimes it takes a while before the car opens

    • seats not ventilated (cannot be ordered yet)

    • heated steering wheel cannot be ordered (starts with the 2021 model)

    • low-positioned rear seats

    • for some perhaps the chassis is too stiff, but due to the power exceeding 300 kW, it is an about must

    • the rear door windows don’t go down all the way

    • The model 3 generally has an extremely low ride height of only 144 cm (e.g., VW ID.3 has a height of 156 cm), so getting in and out is more difficult than with a higher-riding vehicle

    • the rear-view mirror could be bigger

    • glossy "piano" black elements in the interior - fingerprints and scratches are clearly visible

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