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    Tesla Model S Performance - 800 horsepower and 80,000 km almost free 9.3

    owner review of Tesla Model S Raven 2019

    • safety (5-star EuroNCAP safety rating)

    • 0-100 km/h in just 2.5 s

    • excellent driving characteristics, low centre of gravity

    • low operating costs (servicing and low cost per km)

    • low long-term consumption of 23 kWh per 100 km though I’m constantly demonstrating to people the car’s performance

    • OTA updates (continuous improvement of the vehicle)

    • highly functional Autopilot (on motorways it usually manages 99% of the journey for me)

    • the Michelin Pilot Sport summer tyres withstood an incredible 54,000 km

    • warranty on the entire drive system including battery 240,000 km/8 years

    • no problem driving long distances - the Supercharger network is a great bonus for every Tesla

    • charging by Supercharger free

    • second generation air suspension

    • total power 600 kW, torque 1,000 Nm

    • solid charging speed, max. 150 kW (10-90 % in 40-45 minutes)

    • decent range on the highway of 400 km in summer and 300 km in winter

    • resilience of the drive and chassis

    • relatively large frunk

    • no door compartments

    • during acceleration, front axles slightly vibrate (weakness of the Tesla S and Tesla X - warranty replacement)

    • at the time of ordering, ventilated seats could not be ordered (today it is possible)

    • misplacement of the windscreen washer reservoir filler neck

    • the car is quite wide and long for the city, making parking really tight

    • the model S can’t tow or have a roof rack

    • warranty light replacement (yellowing LED strip)

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  • See Tech Specs - Tesla Model S

  • profile photo of user Blake Check Blake Check US

    My Used Tesla Model S 60 8.7

    owner review of Tesla Model S 60 2013

    • Unlimited Supercharging

    • Purchase Price

    • Tesla Community Support

    • Environmental Sustainability

    • Practically 

    • Interior Styling

    • Exterior Styling

    • Acceleration

    • Handling

    • Included Premium Connectivity

    • Repair Costs

    • Reliability

    • Range

    • Charge Rate

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  • profile photo of user Luís Luís PT

    Almost 2 months with my "new" S75D 5.5

    owner review of Tesla Model S 75D 2017

    • Instant torque, instant smile...

      No more burning fossils.

      Heating and cooling online.

      Big trunk and wide space.

    • Not so good range in winter, doesn't have the latest octovalve.

      The charcharging speed with the type 2 adapter isn't so good.

      Doesn't have pneumatic suspension.

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