2017 BMW i3 33 kWh Owner Review

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BMW i3

33 kWh 2017

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BMW i3 - A great car for the city

This electric car from BMW is great for driving around town and the surrounding area.

08 Jul 2021

BMW i3 Pros and Cons

  • excellent spontaneous drive (125 kW, 250 Nm)

  • excellent acceleration of around 7.5 seconds to 100 km/h

  • drives like a go-kart

  • excellent view from the car

  • reliability

  • long-term consumption only 15.5 kWh/100 km

  • low running costs

  • rear-wheel drive - a great solution in wet conditions and in winter

  • strong brakes

  • strong recuperation

  • ideal for the city, dimensions: 3 999 × 1 775 × 1 578 mm

  • surprisingly spacious interior for four adults

  • summer range up to 200 km, winter range 150 km - enough for city driving

  • weight only 1,320 kg

  • sufficient top speed of 150 km/h

  • complicated opening of the rear doors

  • many options are extra (DC charging, heat pump, heated seats)

  • boot space

  • not suitable for long distances - hard suspension, less range

  • DC CCS charging only 50 kW

  • no heated steering wheel

  • high price for such a small car

Considered buying

Nissan Leaf


example image of Nissan Leaf

The Attractions:


The Dealbreakers:

exterior and interior design, too soft seats

Owner Review

BMW i3 - A great car for the city

I want to buy a BMW iX3 next year.  I'm curious to see how BMW has improved the electric drive. But I will definitely keep the i3.

Long-term average consumption

Long-term average consumption: 155 Wh/km

See Tech Specs - BMW i3


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