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Kia EV6

GT Line 2022

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EV6 as a business tool

05 Dec 2022

Kia EV6 Pros and Cons

  • Grand Daughter loves changing MOOD lighting 

  • run from Uk to Germany and back faultless (wish UK charging  network was as good as Europe) 

  • fast charging with Ionity 350 KW- 25 mins from 20% to full (when in Europe) 

  • fits 5 adults without a problem 

  • now Battery pre-conditioning update has been installed this sems to work well starts to  pre-condition 25 miles from selected charger must

  • comfy  car for long business trips 

  • 260 + range in winter 

  • 300 + range in summer 

  • plenty of extras 

  • IPedal driving in Traffic 

  • re selection is a very good feature  and makes a BIG difference to KWH 

  • cabin  fit as good as any German brand 

  •  Charging network on Motorways is VERY poor (NOT the EV6 fault)

  • screen misting  up on wet days a few times 

  • should have stuck out for GT Line S  

Owner Review

EV6 as a business tool

8 months  in 13000 miles paint work is holding  up 

Long-term average consumption

Long-term average consumption: 3.7 mi/kWh

See Tech Specs - Kia EV6


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