2021 Renault Zoe ZE50 Iconic Owner Review

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Renault Zoe

ZE50 Iconic 2021

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Newbies in a Zoe

Our Zoe

16 Jun 2021

Renault Zoe Pros and Cons

  • Fun to drive

  • Good level of specification 

  • LED lights all round

  • 247 mile realworld miles on full charge

  • Over the air infotainment updates

  • Decent size boot space

  • B mode for more aggressive brake regeneration 

  • Rapid charge was a chargeable option when we bought it. 

  • Reversing and rear fog lights are very low

  • Rear door access latches sometimes annoying 

  • Zoe pedestrian noise sounds weird

Considered buying

Nissan Leaf

example image of Nissan Leaf

The Attractions:

Price, legendary EV

The Dealbreakers:

Specification and range

Owner Review

Newbies in a Zoe

Great first car for new EV owners

We purchased our Renault Zoe last month from Bristol Street Renault Exeter after deciding not to go for an ICE Captur. 

The car is such fun to drive for our first EV, quiet, smooth with good spec on this mid range model. LED lights, front fogs, climate control, Satnav, full Auto, DAB radio, Lane assist, electric brake, rear sensors etc and GT line seats all with the Iconic. 

So easy to charge from 3pin plug, wallbox and public chargers alike with the power inlet on the front of the car behind the logo. 

Range is much improved with the ZE50 and can charge up to 22kw with the 110, mine has no rapid charge port which I don't need for the miles I will be doing. 

We've had it nearly 6 weeks now and love the experience of driving Zero Emissions and saving so much on running costs. 

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  • 2021-06-16 21:09:07 UTC

    Good choice

    The Zoe is a very good EV, especially now in its second generation.
  • 2021-06-26 12:55:54 UTC


    Hi Glen. Captur you were considering in which powertrain version?

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