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Tesla Model 3

Performance 2021

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A good car, for an EV.

07 May 2022

Tesla Model 3 Pros and Cons

  • Speed of charging is excellent

  • Absence of a service schedule 

  • Acceleration to about 80 is good

  • Tesla charging network

  • Audio quality is good quality

  • Sentry mode is really good and being able to view outside the car with the app is great.

  • The software to control the car is good, takes getting used to, would prefer some buttons for normal tasks. OTA updates are nice.

  • Tesla servicing has been good

  • Range nowhere near the claimed amount. I get about 210 miles.

  • Absence of any sound, synthesised or not, is a real turn-off and means driver involvement is low

  • Interior is very bland, seats totally inadequate for any kind of cornering at speed. Wood! Who wants wood in a performance car. Give me CF.

  • Looks, subjective but its bland for a performance car

  • Build quality questionable, panel gaps, interior materials don't line up well

  • Handling at speed feels unsafe i.e. 100+ mph its dangerous.

  • Acceleration after 80 is on par with an average hot hatch and not an M3/M4 like it is up to 80.

  • Tesla fanboys live in another world where Elon is the messiah.

  • Its just not fun to drive, its functional, quick enough, just not fun.

  • The auto-pilot (not FSD, not used it) can randomly brake on the motorway which isn't safe for anyone driving behind you.

  • No HUD

  • Having to use the app to open the charge port and froot is a pain.

  • Battery drain is quite high if using sentry mode over a prolonged period.

Owner Review

A good car, for an EV.

If you want a serviceable car to get you from A to B quickly then this is it. If you have come from say an M3/4, C63, then this car will bore you to death after about 4 months when the initial acceleration thing has worn off.

The build quality leaves a lot to be desired for what is a 60k car (UK).

There is not enough to differentiate between this and lesser models.

I wouldn't get another one. When I had an M3, I got another one, then I got an M5. Why? Because they were good and made me feel good about life. Not so much this car.

Long-term average consumption

Long-term average consumption: 3 Wh/km

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