Tesla Model 3 Owner Review

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Tesla Model 3

Long Range AWD 2020

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Best vehicle ever owned

01 Sep 2021

Tesla Model 3 Pros and Cons

  • Overall look

  • Infotainment & apps

  • Fast & Fun to drive 

  • No gas/petrol

  • Good Range 

  • Low cost to insure 

  • Minimalist interior 

  • Loss of range in cold weather 

  • Cost of windshield replacement 

  • Noisy interior 

  • Fit & finish 

  • Paint quality 

  • Windows frost/fog in cold weather 

Owner Review

Best vehicle ever owned

I have owned my 2020 Tesla AwD LR for 13 months. We have put on just 13,000 km and the only maintenance has been windshield  washer fluid. I really don’t have any complaints and would recommend this car to anyone. I live in northern Canada where temperatures reach -30 degrees Celsius and the car performs great.  The Tesla charging network has been flawless and convenient. Lack quality fast public charging is a problem where I live, but the Tesla supercharging network is one of the main reasons why I purchased this car. Additionally, the overall look of the car is amazing. Most BEVs, PHEVs have a nerdy look to them. 

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