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2021 Tesla Model 3 Long Range Owner Review

Tesla Model 3 Long Range 2021 - title image

Tesla Model 3

Long Range 2021

7.4/10not logged16 votes

Super driving experience

25 Jun 2021

Tesla Model 3 Pros and Cons

  • Over-the-air Updates

  • Extremely low running/maintance costs

  • Tesla App is increndible

  • Supercharger Network, fast and easy to use

  • Sentry Mode/Dashcam for security

  • possibility to buy upgrades (FSD, Enhanced Autopilot,

    Acceleration Boost)

  • Enhanced Autopilot works fine

  • Great Navigation system (based on Google Maps)

  • Great Performance: 0-100 km/h in 4.4 s

  • Real world range of around 500 km

  • Single pedal driving

  • Panoramic glass roof

  • Minimalist/clean interior

  • Keyless Driving

  • Infotainment is unbeatable

  • Friendly Tesla community

  • can't schedule charging from the app

See Tech Specs - Tesla Model 3

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  • 2021-06-28 08:00:16 UTC


    Hi Phil. Have you considered another Tesla model? Or another manufacturer's electric car?

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