Uživatelská Recenze Renault Mégane E-Tech Electric EV60 220bph Techno 2022

Renault Mégane E-Tech Electric EV60 220bph Techno 2022 - titulní obrázek

Renault Mégane E-Tech Electric

EV60 220bph Techno 2022

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Love the Megane (22KW AC is a must have)

An EV that is great for both EV Beginners and Experts. The 22KW AC option is a must have for the most charging options. 

20 Jul 2023

Klady a zápory Renault Mégane E-Tech Electric

  • 22KW AC Possible (Optional Component)

  • Android Automotive OS

  • Clear Driver and Infotainment screens

  • Great Economy for it's size and power

  • Great mix of Touch and Physical Buttons

  • Comfortable Seats for long journeys

  • Great Speakers (my opinion as a non audiophile)

  • Various configuration options Not available in UK Spec that are included in EU Spec (or you need to pay more)

  • No Heat Pump unless you get Top Iconic Spec or are in certain countries

  • Smaller Infotainment screen in UK Spec vs EU

  • Ride can be a little harsh in Eco mode compare to other EVs

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Uživatelská Recenze

Love the Megane (22KW AC is a must have)

Had the Megane e-tech EV60 since February 2023 and it has honestly sworn me off Fossil Fuel vehicles. 

When in Comfort Mode the ride feels buttery smooth and relaxed whilst also allowing you to have the power to overtake if you need it.

Sport mode makes the ride stiffer but not in a harsh way. You feel how the car sticks to the road and moves around corners without too much body roll. The power that is available is great especially coming from my previous vehicle (Suzuki SX4). 

Eco mode while allowing you to push the range as far as possible does unfortunately make the ride a bit harsh because the dampening is not great. You tend to feel all the lumps and bumps of the drive. 

Personally I stick to Comfort unless I want to take it around some windy country lanes. 

The Operating System is Android Automotive and this provides all the benefits of software designed by people who understand software not some 3 weeks project thrown together at the last minute like it feels in every other vehicle I've tried. The Intergration of Google Maps including charge points and the remaining range for the vehicle is just so effortlessly easy. As someone who used Android Auto on my phone I definitely find Automotive to be better for route planning. 

Control of the cars functions can be done via a mix of physical buttons, touch screen interactions (or if you want voice commands). 

The righthand side of the steering wheel is a little cluttered with 3 stalks (Drive Selector, Control Stalk and Entertainment Stalk) but you get used to this very quickly and they become quite handy being all in the same location. 

The boot size is quite decent for either pets or shopping and there is a storage compartment under the floor for the charging cable (came with a type 2 to type 2 cable) but this is limited to 10KG so don't be putting anything too heavy in here. There are tie down hooks for luggage as well which is always useful. 

Overall the Megane is an amazing vehicle that I do not regret getting and recommend to anyone who asks. It is also an EV that doesn't look like an EV and blends in with the other vehicles around it so avoids the EV Hate vandalism that can happen with others such as Tesla (not something we should have to think about but it is definitely a consideration I had) 

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  • 2023-08-02 06:29:00 UTC

    Zoe vs. Megane EV

    I had a Zoe, the system was terrible there, Android in the Megane is a big improvement.

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