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XDrive50, Ultimate Pkg 2 2023

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Ultimate Electric Driving Machine

I’m so glad to own this beautiful (and fun!) car, my first EV. It’s got all the quality and luxury you would expect from BMW, along with a great ride and plenty of power.

23 Jan 2023

BMW iX Vorteile und Nachteile

  • Quick and smooth acceleration, anxiety-free passing and merging.

  • Excellent fit and finish, as to be expected with BMW. No engine noise makes the interior ridiculously quiet.

  • Even though the body is smaller than my last car (BMW X5 M), the interior is much roomier. No humps!

  • 300+ miles per 100% charge.

  • The angular steering wheel is surprisingly comfortable, I really enjoy it.

  • All the bells and whistles, ambient lighting, moonroof that can be clear or opaque with the push of a button, heated steering wheel, Harmon Karden sound, etc.

  • The interior door release button is placed very counterintuitively, takes some getting used to, confuses valets. 

  • There’s blind spot issues if the side view mirrors aren’t positioned just so.

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Too small for my needs 


Ultimate Electric Driving Machine

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We've always leased BMWs through our company.  After selling the business last year, my husband bought his leased car, (2019 BMW M850i) and I turned in my 2020 X5 M50i to buy a new car.  As a loyal fan, I was happy that BMW had entered the EV market with some strong contenders, and the iX really appealed to me.  We ordered it in March of 2022, and it finally arrived in mid-December.  I've never bought a car I couldn't test drive beforehand, so it was quite a leap, but I had faith in the brand.  Our home already had the wiring installed for an EV charging station, so we purchased a Level 2 Charge Point unit (BMW brand was not available).  When it finally arrived, the car did not disappoint!  It's a blast to drive, so much so that my husband drives it more than his beloved M8...

Honestly, I'm not a long road trip type of person, so range anxiety is not a factor for me. My children and grandchildren all live about 2 hours away in different directions, and I can easily go back and forth on one charge.  BMW provides 2 years of free public fast charging through Electrify America, but I haven't used that yet.  

Langfristiger Durchschnittsverbrauch

Langfristiger Durchschnittsverbrauch: 2.5 mi/kWh

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  • 2023-01-30 17:34:58 UTC


    iX is a great choice. BMW has been making good electric cars for many years. It started with the tiny i3 and now has the beautiful and fast i4 M50 on sale. :)

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