2017 Tesla Model S 75D Nutzerbewertung

Tesla Model S 75D 2017 - Titelbild

Tesla Model S

75D 2017

5.5/10nicht angemeldet2 Stimmen

Almost 2 months with my "new" S75D

07 Feb 2023

Tesla Model S Vorteile und Nachteile

  • Instant torque, instant smile...

    No more burning fossils.

    Heating and cooling online.

    Big trunk and wide space.

  • Not so good range in winter, doesn't have the latest octovalve.

    The charcharging speed with the type 2 adapter isn't so good.

    Doesn't have pneumatic suspension.


Almost 2 months with my "new" S75D

My previous car was a Citroen C5, with hidractive suspension, very very comfortable! This is the only regret I have. I don't miss the diesel refills, gear shifting and expensive maintenainces.

I made a few travels, and zero problems about charging, even with a not so good charging network in Portugal.

Every day I charge at home. I don't have a very powerfull grid, so I only use 8 to 10 Amps and still can can charge from 50 to 80%, no "problema"!

Free charging at Tesla SC...😁 

Langfristiger Durchschnittsverbrauch

Langfristiger Durchschnittsverbrauch: 240 Wh/km

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