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    Mercedes EQE 350+ low slung highway cruiser eats up the miles 9

    nutzerbewertung of Mercedes-Benz EQE EQE350+ 2023

    • Great mileage

    • Rolling screen shade under glass roof #1 great idea. Tesla and Rivian are you listening?

    • Quiet cabin

    • Ride quality on highway

    • 360 camera

    • Wipers that slow down as they reach vertical. Nice touch

    • Headlights visibility 

    • Acceleration 40 to 65. Nice and metered to pass. Off line a bit low but expected as its base version

    • Instrument panel visibility blocked by steering wheel

    • Body skid plates not removed at delivery from dealer. Fell off on a bump and was skidding along the road

    • UI is wonky and too many layers to get where you want to be

    • Visibility problems with the A pillars but is expected now on most cars

    • Reflection in windscreen from dash

    • Reflection on center display is blinding in overhead sunshine

    • Exterior door handles feel a bit cheap and loose

    • Seat belt tensioner feels like a kid in the back seat is tugging on your seatbelt 

    • Seating position vs viewing, the front screen is partially blocked. Cannot see digital speed or warnings

    • No frunk

    • 0-60 acceleration, but its the base version and more than adequate  

    • Tire Pressure Monitoring sensors. One is dead

    • Trunk opener from key  fob not always working

    • Next time don't buy black. Paint is only OK.

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