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  • profile photo of user Robert Robert CZ

    Renault ZOE - the car with the best ratio of range and equipment to market price 9.3

    owner review of Renault Zoe Life R110 2020

    • even basic equipment includes such features as a heat pump and LED lights

    • very cheap spare parts and available service

    • cheap insurance coefficients and associated operating expenses

    • unbeatably fast AC charging (for me a key buying point) - at home I charge the car from empty in just 2.5 hours - so I practically don't even need DC

    • it's the car with the best range and equipment to market price ratio

    • extremely comfortable chassis - especially on my version with 15” tires

    • very decent consumption: real average 11- 13 kWh in summer - 16 kWh in winter, on the highway at 130 km/h 23 kWh, and in conjunction with the large battery of 55 kWh/52 kWh), the summer range is up to 480 km, winter is around 280 - 320 km

    • The charging connector is in an ideal location - under the logo at the front (short DC charger cables easily reach)

    • it has an air-cooled engine and battery

    • relative to its segment, it has a deep and spacious boot

    • in the infotainment, it is not possible to restrict charging e.g., at 80%

    • the absence of lighting above the rear seats

    • less space in the rear seats

    • official impossibility of having any tow hitch

    • sharp rear door edge (though the door shape makes sense making it easier to get in, and the rear window can be fully lowered)

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  • See Tech Specs - Renault Zoe

  • profile photo of user Nredshaw Nredshaw GB

    Great car as a package. 9

    owner review of Renault Zoe Gt line ccs 2020

    • Auto high beams that work 99% of the time and great led headlights! 

    • Great range for price 180-200 winter and 240-280 miles summer achieved 

    • Great boot space for size of car some cars class above no better 

    • Real buttons not touch buttons and real knobs to change heating controls not hidden in the touchscreen! 

    • Long warranty 5 years 100,000 miles 

    • Cheap and long service intervals 18,000 miles and about £100 for a service.

    • 22 kw charging is great 

    • Nice looking car

    • Auto handbrake 

    • Good infotainment system 

    • Good spec for price

    • Two level regenerative braking settings and a blended brake Pedal so you get all the regen you need 

    • Good dealerships 

    • Good build quality for price 

    • Good discounts off rrp 

    • Good sounds system for price and has rear speakers 

    • Fast enough real life 0-60 speed might not look good on paper but is perfectly acceptable and got power right above National speed limit so you won’t be left wanting if you get the r135 motor !  For the size of car it’s good enough.

    • Not bad space in the rear not good for tall passengers but normal height is good for size of the car 

    • Not bad seats not the best but good enough to do 420 miles in one day 

    • Having to pay for arm rest ! And when you do you lose a cup holder !

    • As with most converted left hand drive cars into right hand drive the glove box is too small to be much use 

    • Bit slow rapid charging speed for 2020 mid 40s in ideal conditions but you get ok speed upto 80% so 10-80% only about 50 minutes not great but we did 1050 miles in 4 days and didn’t wait for the car much ! It ok manufacturers quoting max charging speed but what speed you get average is what matters !

    • No under bonnet Storage 

    • Regen does not bring car to a stop only down to 5-6 mph so need to use foot break to stop the car.

    • No adaptive cruise control but it’s not a big thing as ev as so easy to drive.

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  • profile photo of user ZoeSpark⚡ ZoeSpark⚡ GB

    Newbies in a Zoe 8.8

    owner review of Renault Zoe ZE50 Iconic 2021

    • Over the air infotainment updates

    • 247 mile realworld miles on full charge

    • LED lights all round

    • Good level of specification 

    • Fun to drive

    • B mode for more aggressive brake regeneration 

    • Decent size boot space

    • Rapid charge was a chargeable option when we bought it. 

    • Reversing and rear fog lights are very low

    • Rear door access latches sometimes annoying 

    • Zoe pedestrian noise sounds weird

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  • profile photo of user EV Nick EV Nick GB

    Renault Zoe Review one year of ownership 8.5

    owner review of Renault Zoe ZE 40 2018

    • Extremely cheap buying price. The cheapest EV around you can buy (new and secondhand)

    • It’s one of the best designed EVs for the price range

    • It drives fantastic. I particulary like the way the regen works on the Zoe

    • Versatility of the Zoe charging system

    • Fairly noisy charging, other electric cars don’t make the same high-pitched noise that Zoe does.  

    • Seats are not split folding. They don’t go completely flat, but you can take them out

    • The poor cup hold design

    • Battery lease (Iam actually pro battery lease, but many peaople find that battery lease is a con and they don't think it’s a good part of the Renault Zoe ownership) I’ll explain it in the video below.

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