2022 Rivian R1T launch edition Owner Review

Rivian R1T

launch edition 2022

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Beware of Buying a Rivian

Vehicle gets an A; Initial quality a C; and customer service an F

06 Feb 2023

Rivian R1T Pros and Cons

  • The truck is quick, comfortable and nimble

  • Very handsome

  • Delivery and getting repairs have been a nightmare

  • Trying to find high speed chargers is beyond frustrating

  • There were many quality issues

Owner Review

Beware of Buying a Rivian

Everyone knows the R1T is a great truck.  What you need to know if you plan to own one is:

you can't get it fixed, there are lots of bugs with the vehicle, and if you leave town, good luck charging it.  My nightmare started when they called to inform me my truck was ready for delivery last spring and that they would bring it half way to me--I could make a 6 hour round trip to meet them in a random city to pick it up. I explained that I had cancer and was on chemo and could not possibly do that. After getting special permission to bring it to me it arrived without the spare tire I paid for, and some of the keys. They supposedly registered my vehicle, then notified me a month later they were not able to get it registered and I needed to go do it myself.  Over 3 months they scheduled 3 times to bring my tire and cancelled every time the day before. The tailgate would not go down and close properly. After a couple months, the window by the drivers seat would not close all the way causing a loud screeching noise and rain coming in.  The radio has never worked. They insisted that I drive 12 hours round trip to get my radio fixed because that can't be done by a remote tech. I once again made it clear that I should not have to drive 12 hours and stay in a hotel with cancer to get a vehicle that worked properly.  So they went upstairs again and got approval to send a truck to pick it up.  When I called to schedule the pickup, they informed me they would pick it up but not bring it back to me.  So the 12-hour trip and hotel would be necessary anyway.  While on chemo!!!!   I have owned 2 Tesla Model S cars and this experience is like Twilight Zone compared to Tesla service, which isn't great until you compare it to Rivian.  I can charge my Tesla in 30-40 minutes at hundreds of chargers along the way to my mountain house or Chapel Hill for meetings or games.  I could only find one fast charger anywhere near my route when I took my Rivian and it was broken.  It took me 14 hours of charging to get home from a 200 mile trip.  If I knew then what I know now, I would never own a Rivian!!!! 

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