2021 Tesla Model 3 Long Range Owner Review

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Tesla Model 3

Long Range 2021

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Very Impressive

Brilliant but not perfect EV

02 May 2021

Tesla Model 3 Pros and Cons

  • Supercharging network is fast and reliable

  • Infotainment including app interface is unbeatable

  • Genuine 300 mile range of you try. 

  • Overtaking monster

  • Dog mode, Sentry Mode, Camp Mode all brilliant

  • Paintwork seems a bit soft. Stone chips after less than 1000 miles

  • Autopilot is too aggressive on the brakes

  • You can't schedule charging from the app! 

Considered buying

Polestar 2

example image of Polestar 2

The Attractions:

The look and style, hatchback, build quality

The Dealbreakers:

Range, no app, interior space up front, charging network. Not ground up EV, adapted platform of XC40.

Volkswagen ID.4

example image of Volkswagen ID.4

The Attractions:

Larger SUV driving position

The Dealbreakers:

2WD, no glass roof on launch model, interior finish and quality. 

Owner Review

Very Impressive

Tesla makes moving to an EV for the first time very easy. It's fast, it handles, it's a tech fest, it'll impress your mates and your Dad. I've had Mercedes C class and BMW 3 series as company cars and this is by far and away the best all around car I've had. It's not perfect, the app does everything but also not the things you would think it might. You can't schedule charge from the app, you have to sit in the car. My Renault ZOE can do this from the app! Sentry mode is great but doesn't notify your phone so you just come back to potential knocks etc without warning. The paint seems fragile, I had a nasty chip right on the weak spot by the rear door withn 100 miles - shame. My first long trip through Wales to the beach showed I could easily achieve 300 miles and that was with keeping the A/C on in the cabin while it was parked in the car park. Amazing. Netflix, Spotify, Google maps all superb. A brilliant car that no-one would be disappointed with. 

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    Tesla 3

    Great review, thanks.
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    Hi. What's your long-term consumption?

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