2021 Tesla Model 3 Standard Range Plus (SR+) Owner Review

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Tesla Model 3

Standard Range Plus (SR+) 2021

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Why I Chose The Tesla Model 3 As My Family Car!

One of the safest cars in the world meets cost efficiency and impressive performance. With a sprinkle of techno magic ✨✨✨

22 Jul 2021

Tesla Model 3 Pros and Cons

  • One of the safest cars to drive in the world. Don't overlook your cars safety ratings especially if its your family car.

  • Simplistic interior design for a clutter-less experience.

  • Range is more then suffice for the everyday user like me! Road trips with SR+ are also super easy as the navigation takes the stress out of the charging calculations. On a long trip, this range is more then sufficient as I suspect you'll need to use the toilet facilities before you need to charge!

  • Pearl white paint is underrated. Specially after a good clean

  • Seamless smartphone integration including keyless entry

  • Silky smooth user interface

  • Sentry mode for enhanced security 

  • All round dashcam recorder via the autopliot cameras

  • No transmission box in between the middle seat gives back seat passenger greater move-ability and greater comfort to the middle seat user. Just overall legroom is great to.

  • Storage space !!! Frunk and under boot storage is a real plus for those unique circumstances.

  • Super low running costs

  • Acceleration and breaking regen just makes driving easy and fun.

  • Extremely limited servicing requirements. No annual service required!

  • Exclusive access to one of the biggest charging networks on the planet -Tesla Supercharger network. Offers a seamless plug and play experience, but you also have the option to access to other 3rd party charging networks like the ones used by EV competitors.

  • Easy clean up for the interior. Can wipe down sticky finger prints with just baby wipes.

  • Great build, no paintwork or panel gap issues

  • Zero emissions

  • Easy entry mode for the driver

  • Front seat comfort is sublime

  • Cabin protection is great for when it gets hot. No more entering into a stuffy hot car.

  • Spotify is a great addition to keep the kids and adults entertained with access to vast library of songs and podcasts 

  • ISO Fix compatible and joints are hidden in the joints of the seats for greater visual appeal

  • Autopilot for long distance driving is a game changer

  • Rear door access is good

  • Wheels have a tendency to get Kerb rash. Partially driver fault but my issue is the tyre never takes the impact, so the alloys must poke out ever so slightly more taking the full impact.

  • Boot entrance could be bigger but its good enough for a sedan. 

  • Rear visibility through the mirror is weak. Camera is better alternative

  • Be prepared for a long delivery times. High demand seems to be pushing delivery times back.

Considered buying

Kia e-Niro

example image of Kia e-Niro

The Attractions:

SUV so had alot of interior space and priced slightly cheaper than the Model 3.

The Dealbreakers:

No access to the supercharger network. Just didn't have that that external or interior attraction that the model 3 has. Not to mention the technology aspect just doesn't compete.

Owner Review

Why I Chose The Tesla Model 3 As My Family Car!

If you're after a family car, the Tesla Model 3 is absolutely a credible contender. The SR+ variant is not just the most affordable Tesla, but it also delivers a tremendous amount of value for money. It consistently delivers a Tesla experience that leaves you with no regrets in transitioning to an electric vehicle.

Not only will you enjoy driving it, your family will enjoy the comfort and entertainment available within the car. My kids love its eye catching glass roof and the endless music library - not to mention Youtube and Netflix on the main screen when mummy has popped in to the shops.

There's loads of additional storage options available that derive from being an EV. I'm talking about great boot size, additional storage under the boot floor, the frunk under the bonnet of the car and no transmission boxes for the rear passenger seats to contend with. Preventing the middle seat user from having to share foot space with the other two passengers like a traditional ICE vehicle. Plus the rear mat can be one long mat instead of two separate mats. Meaning I can hoover that rear mat in a matter of seconds.

Range is officially over 260 miles but the average everyday driver commutes around 30 miles a day in the US, and it's even lower in the UK. I do a top-up charge at home maybe 2/3 times a week whilst I sleep. Home charging is super convenient. Literally jump out of the car, plug it in and it's topped up and ready to go in the morning when I need it. What's really insane is the UK Electric tariff that I'm on. I currently pay just 5p per kwh over 4 hours in the early morning - this means an equivalent full charge can cost me just £2.50! Yes thats right just £2.50! The software is intuitively smooth, for example I nominate the car to start charging during this four hour window, and only when I'm at home. This is set so every time I plug in at home, it can reap these costs savings - it's all plug and play there after.  If you're interested in this tariff, make sure you use my Octopus referral link for details on the Octopus Go tariff, plus and we'll also share £100 if you sign-up using the link.

I rarely supercharge. These are exclusively used for long trips but thanks to referral miles, these are free to me. If you purchase a Tesla please make sure you use a referral link like mine just so you get your 1000 free supercharger miles, the referrer also gets 1000 free supercharger miles.

If I had one thing I could change it is to a have a bigger boot entry. I suppose thats why the Model Y exists. But then again I would only need that for when I do the tip runs to squash as much in the car as possible, I do not need it for typical family outings. For me, there is no need to wait for a Model Y and a Tesla Model 3 SR+ is just a practical car for our family. 

Overall, I have no regrets with my purchase and my transition to an electric vehicle of this caliber. There is an element of adjustment to the electric car lifestyle for the first few weeks, but thats only temporary as you adjust to the new ownership requirements. If you are interested in my journey I do have a dedicated youtube channel to for which you can view and follow my journey through a variety of different scenarios. Take a look at my youtube link for more.

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  • 2021-07-22 15:14:04 UTC

    !very detailed review!

    Thanks for a really big and detailed review. How do you feel about a glass roof in the sun? I tried it on another car (e-tron GT) and it bothered me a lot. It was putting a lot of heat on my head.

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