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    BMW iX3 - first drive 9.3

    test vozu BMW iX3 2021

    • due to its attractive price for its class - very solid price/performance ratio

    • updates via the Internet (no need to head to service)

    • the interior lends a classy, comfortable and solid impression

    • decent consumption despite winter conditions, the size and weight of the car

    • very nimble el. drive 210 kW and 400 Nm, 0 to 100 in 6.8 s

    • adaptive chassis control comes as standard

    • fording depth 500 mm

    • large wheelbase of 2,860 mm

    • comfortable front seats

    • climate controls and other features using conventional buttons

    • ergonomically flawless steering wheel with conventional buttons

    • high-performance audio - Harman Kardon

    • when there is no possibility of a 4x4, the choice of rear-wheel drive is definitely better than front-wheel

    • the interior is spacious (a fully electric platform, however, would be even more spacious)

    • head-up display

    • unfortunately, no front cargo space (“frunk”) as in the Tesla, though there is a decent amount of space under the cover (see photo)

    • cannot be ordered with all-wheel drive

    • relatively high weight of 2,260 kg (the combustion engine version 40i is about 300 kg lighter and is moreover 4x4)

    • wide center console

    • it is not a 100% electric platform, resulting in several compromises (unnecessarily long front with no frunk, wide central tunnel between the driver and passenger, the floor at the rear seats is uneven)

    • unnecessary artificial sound of the “engine” in the speakers (thankfully can be turned off)

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