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  • profilovýé foto uživatele Tomas Tomas

    KIA EV6 AWD - Several Cars in One Package 9.4

    test vozu Kia EV6 AWD 2023

    • Vehicle To Load - ability to power high-drain appliances like an electric kettle from the car

    • Excellent sound insulation of the interior

    • Space for rear passengers

    • Comfortable EV even for very long trips thanks to fast DC charging

    • Ultra-fast DC charging thanks to 800V technology

    • Very nice performance of the AWD version - 239 kW / 605 Nm, 0-100 km/h in 5.2 s

    • Comfortable seats

    • Highway/semi-autonomous driving assistant works well

    • Low consumption in the city, reasonable on the highway

    • The large 2,900 mm wheelbase guarantees interior space for five people

    • Solid top speed of 185 km/h compared to the competition

    • Presence of a small front trunk for charging cables

    • I would like the driver's seat to be able to go slightly lower than its range allows

    • Flatter luggage compartment

    • The click of the door handle when accelerating from a standstill can startle the driver.

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  • Technická data - Kia EV6

  • profilovýé foto uživatele Light Side Light Side US

    EV6 Light 58 kWh RWD 9.3

    uživatelská recenze vozu Kia EV6 Light 2022

    • It's quite efficient with overall 3.7 mi/kWh or 270 Wh/mi or 168 Wh/km, apparently the most efficient example of the EV6 versions

    • Charges at 175 kW if battery temp is above room temperature

    • Purchase price was ~$45k including taxes before rebates

    • Purchased before August 2022 and the car came with $7500 in US tax credits (Thanks GW Bush and Barry Obama).

    • Snow Mode is legitamately great in the snow even for a RWD car

    • Even though slow for an EV it's faster than many fossil cars starting from a stop

    • Variable regeneration or recuperation modes mean you can tune the behavior to match your preference.

    • The Light Trim was cancelled so it's a unicorn in the US

    • Purchased after August 2022 and comes with no $7500 US tax credit (Thanks Joe Manchin)

    • No battery preconditioning on June 2022 and earlier EV6 models so charges at 30 kW if it's around freezing temperatures.

    • can't use Kia navigation and Waze simultaneously.  For some reason using one cancels the other

    • No heated steering wheel on RWD EV6s

    • Wired Apple Car Play is less desireable.

    • This Trim was cancelled so it's a unicorn now in the US

    • top speed only 107 mph

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  • profilovýé foto uživatele TomB985 TomB985 US

    A Compelling Car With a Few Quirks 9.3

    uživatelská recenze vozu Kia EV6 Wind AWD 2022

    • Refined ride

    • Outstanding charging curve

    • Cruising efficiency with front motor disengaged

    • Small frunk shows they tried, but represents a missed opportunity

    • Low roof height constrains rear capacity

    • Small interface and software quirks 

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  • profilovýé foto uživatele svacher svacher GB

    Great first EV 9.2

    uživatelská recenze vozu Kia EV6 GT Line S RWD 2021

    • Augmented reality HUD (Brilliant safety feature)

    • Warmer weather range

    • Interior styling, after all it's where I spend most of my time

    • One pedal driving, it's the first thing I set when I get in the car

    • Adaptive cruise control that's capable of taking the car to a full stop

    • Rapid off the line acceleration 

    • Great luggage space and easy boot opening

    • Heated and cooled seats, hot or cold bottom as required 

    • Infotainment system

    • VTL including the 240v socket on the inside of the car

    • Overall body styling, looks like nothing else on the road... Apart from the Jaguar iPace 😉

    • Fun handling with the weight low in the body it's real fun on windy B roads

    • All the automatic stuff, wipers, lights, memory seats, matrix headlights

    • 'Fuel' running costs

    • The colour #TeamYachtBlue

    • Loads of rear seat room

    • No Kia roof bars available

    • Cold weather range

    • Slightly weak stereo system considering it's the 'superior' upgrade

    • The mobile app is a little ropey but getting better with updates

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  • profilovýé foto uživatele EV6_eNVy EV6_eNVy US

    1 Year with my EV6 8.2

    uživatelská recenze vozu Kia EV6 GT Line 2022

    • Fast DC charging *in the summer

    • Confirmed 300 + range at 100% *in the summer

    • AWD is fantastic in up to 6” of snow even with factory all weather tires 

    • Looks great

    • Quiet and roomy interior 

    • Slow DC charging in the cold

    • 25% loss of efficiency during winter months

    • No battery preconditioning for early 22 models *yet

    • Thin paint scratches and chips easily

    • Learning curve on Ins and Outs of owning an EV

    • Sound system needs tweaking. 

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  • profilovýé foto uživatele EV6Pfaffman EV6Pfaffman GB

    EV6 as a business tool 7.7

    uživatelská recenze vozu Kia EV6 GT Line 2022

    • re selection is a very good feature  and makes a BIG difference to KWH 

    • IPedal driving in Traffic 

    • plenty of extras 

    • 300 + range in summer 

    • 260 + range in winter 

    • comfy  car for long business trips 

    • now Battery pre-conditioning update has been installed this sems to work well starts to  pre-condition 25 miles from selected charger must

    • fits 5 adults without a problem 

    • fast charging with Ionity 350 KW- 25 mins from 20% to full (when in Europe) 

    • run from Uk to Germany and back faultless (wish UK charging  network was as good as Europe) 

    • Grand Daughter loves changing MOOD lighting 

    • cabin  fit as good as any German brand 

    •  Charging network on Motorways is VERY poor (NOT the EV6 fault)

    • screen misting  up on wet days a few times 

    • should have stuck out for GT Line S  

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  • profilovýé foto uživatele Paigelet Paigelet US

    Awesome if you can find it 6

    uživatelská recenze vozu Kia EV6 Wind AWD 2022

    • Good mileage

    • Acceleration is amazing

    • Good looks

    • Safety features good but unobtrusive

    • Hard to find one that doesn't have a "market adjustment" price increase

    • Doesn't retain ipedal setting from previous drive

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  • profilovýé foto uživatele DladyPatriot DladyPatriot US

    Loving it! 2

    uživatelská recenze vozu Kia EV6 Wind RWD 2022

    • Safety features 

    • Stylish 

    • Size

    • Storage

    • Wide screens

    • Comfort

    • Distance on full charge or 80% charge 

    • Stereo system could be better

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