Uživatelská Recenze Lucid Air Grand Touring 2022

Lucid Air Grand Touring 2022 - titulní obrázek

Lucid Air

Grand Touring 2022

8.5/10nepřihlášen25 hlasů

Simply Awesome

This car is everything I hoped for and more than expected. 

17 Nov 2022

Klady a zápory Lucid Air

  • Luxury & comfort

  • Passenger room especially in rear

  • Speed and acceleration-fastest car on the road

  • Great handling

  • 21 speaker sound system

  • OTA experience fast and reliable

  • Range 80% charge = 379 miles on 21” wheels

  • Great service at service center

  • Fit and finish 

  • Software Updates v2.0 is vast improvement 

  • Gorgeous car, everyone wants to know about it

  • Driver cockpit utility- gorgeous displays and very functional

  • Regeneration options 

  • UX

  • Strong user forum with feedback loop to Lucid

  • Easy to charge

  • Quiet

  • Lack of service vehicles for emergence service

  • Accessories were late to deliver and still need buildout

  • Only one phone charger

  • No spare tire to save on weight and cargo space

  • Wall charger is $1,200

  • Phone app needs more development

  • Lacking features like dog mode and sentry mode. Will come later

Uživatelská Recenze

Simply Awesome

This is not just a car but it is an experience. I have had it since August 2022 and have not had a single issue, which seems unusual based on user forums. It is a high performance luxury car that makes me smile every time I am in it. Sprint Mode and Launch mode are impressive and comfort mode is a Dream to drive. I could not be any happier with this purchase. 

Dlouhodobá průměrná spotřeba

Dlouhodobá průměrná spotřeba: 3.1 Wh/km

Technická data - Lucid Air

Fotogalerie Lucid Air

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  • 2022-11-17 16:28:57 UTC


    The Lucid Air is a great alternative to the Tesla model S. Congratulations on a good choice Peter. :)

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