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Porsche Taycan

4S 2021

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2021 Porsche Taycan 4S

My impressions after one year with the Porsche Taycan 4S

17 May 2022

Klady a zápory Porsche Taycan

  • Excellent highway stability

  • Sporty, refined driving experience 

  • Infinite customization of the Taycan with various cosmetic and performance options

  • Superior styling

  • Acceleration continues pulling well over 100mph

  • Extraordinarily fast charging at Electrify America chargers

  • Exceptional build quality 

  • Range is much better than EPA ratings

  • Great acceleration 

  • Better than expected storage

  • Reliable

  • Variable suspension/ride height makes for a more practical daily driver

  • Quiet and refined at high speed

  • Good sound system (Bose)

  • Decent lane keeping

  • Infotainment and software is mediocre compared to EV rivals

  • Mobile app experience is mediocre, connectivity is unreliable 

  • Some software updates require going to the dealership and can, in some cases, take several days

  • Very expensive depending on options

  • Screen and infotainment layout is unintuitive 

  • Software updates are not as frequent or as impactful compared to EV rivals

  • Less reliable charging network than the Tesla Supercharging Network

  • Camera quality is lacking given the price

  • Weight of the vehicle can be felt on tight turns

  • Wireless charger is only for one device, hard to use, and very slow

  • Battery preconditioning requires built-in navigation to trigger and cannot be manually overridden

  • Can be awkward to get in and out if the vehicle 

  • No Android Auto on the 2021 year Taycan. 

  • Center console storage is awkward to use

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Extremely fast, practical, great software, expansive charging network, frequent software updates, best-in-class autopilot

Důvod zamítnutí:

Uninspired design, heavy boat-like handling, poor customer service, questionable build quality in units I tested

Uživatelská Recenze

2021 Porsche Taycan 4S

The Porsche Taycan 4S is a true EV sports car. Its greatest strengths are its incredible styling, handling, customizability, uniqueness, and build quality. Its greatest weaknesses are its poor software, unreliable charging infrastructure, and reliance on the dealership network for critical software updates.

Overall, I would recommend the Porsche Taycan to anyone looking for the  best electric sports car on the market.

For any specific questions about my experience with the Porsche Taycan, feel free to leave a comment or find me over on twitter.

Dlouhodobá průměrná spotřeba

Dlouhodobá průměrná spotřeba: 3.4 mi/kWh

Technická data - Porsche Taycan

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  • 2022-05-17 19:47:50 UTC

    two-speed transmission

    Thanks for the nice review. How do you like the two-speed transmission? In my experience it sometimes shifts weirdly when overtaking at full throttle.
  • 2022-05-20 13:06:32 UTC


    Hi. Have you considered the Turbo or Turbo S variants?
  • 2022-05-26 05:50:03 UTC

    Taycan 4S

    I recently tried the Taycan 4S, the bodywork is incredibly stiff, the chassis is great on bumps.

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