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Renault Zoe

ZE 40 2018

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Renault Zoe Review one year of ownership

I feel fully charged for this review, its 1 year of ownership in my Renault Zoe and i thought it was time to review my own car rather than all the others.

31 Mar 2021

Klady a zápory Renault Zoe

  • It’s one of the best designed EVs for the price range

  • Extremely cheap buying price. The cheapest EV around you can buy (new and secondhand)

  • Versatility of the Zoe charging system

  • It drives fantastic. I particulary like the way the regen works on the Zoe

  • Fairly noisy charging, other electric cars don’t make the same high-pitched noise that Zoe does.  

  • Seats are not split folding. They don’t go completely flat, but you can take them out

  • Battery lease (Iam actually pro battery lease, but many peaople find that battery lease is a con and they don't think it’s a good part of the Renault Zoe ownership) I’ll explain it in the video below.

  • The poor cup hold design

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Renault Zoe Review one year of ownership

So today i give you pros and cons of the Renault Zoe and of course i will mention the CUP HOLDER. I also touch a little on the pro and con of the battery lease and many other points is this a better buy than the Nissan leaf? I personally think so.  This review applies to the new 2018 Renault Zoe ZE40 and previous 22 kwh models.  I don't go into the different motors like the r110 but as i have a different video explaining the difference in motors and fully suggest you check that out.  This is an honest review on the Renault Zoe and i hope you enjoy it as much as I've enjoyed owning it.

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