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Tesla Model X Plaid 2022 - titulní obrázek

Tesla Model X

Plaid 2022

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Faster from 0-60 than you can say Blueberry Pie

It is the fastest SUV you have ever sat in! Even on 70mph it pushes you in the seat when you hit the pedal.  See my YouTube channel with 360 VR videos that make you feel like you sit in it.


15 Mar 2023

Klady a zápory Tesla Model X

  • Massive windshield 

  • Super fast acceleration

  • Easy road trips with Tesla supercharging network

  • Tow hitch

  • Fast charging

  • Air suspension, easy change for ride height 

  • Due to 6 seat configuration little cargo space

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Uživatelská Recenze

Faster from 0-60 than you can say Blueberry Pie

When I started going electric, I purchased a 2015 Tesla Model S P85D. I liked that car so much that I could not imagine ever going back to an internal combustion engine powered vehicle. Since then I owned a 2017 Model X P100D and 2020 Model Y Performance.

There is so much I like about EV's and Tesla specifically that I don't even know where to start. I went through range anxiety in the first months of my 2015 ownership to a very late back road trip style of "3% arrival charge sounds good to me" guy. Tesla software does help with prediction of where/when to charge and is crazy accurate. 

Except for the first Tesla, all of the ones I owned have/had white interior. I found this to be very durable and even after 90k miles of driving, it still looked good. Easy to clean with some Lysol lemon wet wipes. 

No matter if you get the Plaid, Performance or just a regular long range Tesla of any make/model. You will love driving electric. The acceleration of Tesla is faster than any average car and the comfort of driving it is amazing. 

Especially being able to pair your phone as a key, you don't need to worry about a physical key at all. You can heat/cool the interior before you start driving. So never every will you feel uncomfortable in you ride for the first 10 minutes. 

Tune in to my YouTube channel or feel free to contact me through Twitter to get any details about my ownership experience.  


Dlouhodobá průměrná spotřeba

Dlouhodobá průměrná spotřeba: 394 Wh/mi

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  • 2023-03-29 19:41:46 UTC


    The three-engine technique in Plaid is breathtaking. Despite its power, it retains its efficiency.

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