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    Volkswagen ID.4 - ideal for the family? 9.8

    testfahrt of Volkswagen ID.4 77 kWh RWD 2021

    • excellent turning circle (tracking diameter of only 10 metres)

    • high levels of safety (5 Euro NCAP stars)

    • comfortable chassis despite large 21-inch wheels

    • sufficiently large and regular luggage compartment (585 l, 1711 l when folded down)

    • very rigid body

    • powerful regen - saves conventional friction brakes

    • rear-wheel drive (much better solution than front-wheel drive)

    • good crew space in front and rear

    • good brakes - measured 100-0 km/h - 36 m

    • large space under the luggage compartment floor - for cables

    • pockets in the doors can also hold large 1.5 bottles (also in the rear door)

    • comfortable front "ergonomic" seats with good lateral guidance and massage

    • natural seating position in the rear - the seats support the thighs well

    • regular OTA (over-the-air) software updates, without the need for a service visit

    • excellent interior build quality, nothing creaked on uneven surfaces

    • good soundproofing of the interior from external noise

    • very quiet electric drive

    • solid official acceleration to 100 km/h in 8.5 s (measured 8.2 s)

    • sufficient power of 150 kW and 310 Nm for agile driving

    • city consumption 16-18 kWh, i.e. a range of 420-480 km

    • charging up to 125 kW, i.e. in 35 minutes it is possible to recharge 200 km of motorway range or 300 km of city range

    • 2 large, sturdy bag hooks in the luggage compartment

    • clearly arranged, colour head-up display

    • solid infotainment speed

    • highway consumption of 23-24 kWh, i.e. a highway range of over 300 km

    • handy mobile phone pocket on the back of the backrest for rear passengers

    • only two remote controls for the 4 windows in the driver's door (to operate the rear windows you have to light up the "rear" icon by touching it, impractical solution)

    • "piano" glossy plastic on door handles - extremely impractical, soon scratched

    • incomplete planning of long routes with recharging

    • navigation does not know about charging stations that have been around for a long time

    • voice assistant does not understand some basic commands

    • does not show battery percentage on the instrument cluster display (only below 10%)

    • no front trunk - at least a small trunk for cables would be useful (if the rear luggage compartment is completely full it is more practical)

    • only touch buttons on the steering wheel - conventional buttons are better

    • top speed only 160 km/h (electronically limited)

    • kerb weight 2200 kg

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  • Überprüfen Sie die techn. Daten - Volkswagen ID.4

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    Top Tech in the Volkswagen ID.4 9.2

    testfahrt of Volkswagen ID.4 1st Max 2021

    • HUD (Head-up Display)

    • LED Matrix Headlights

    • Keyless entry

    • Augmented Reality

    • Advanced keyless start

    • ID Light

    • Vehicle2X Technology

    • Light design elements

    • Android Auto and wireless Apple CarPlay

    • Costly extras or trim levels

    • Software still not up to par with other OEMs

    • Voice Assistant

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    An Affordable Electric Family SUV 8.9

    nutzerbewertung of Volkswagen ID.4 Pro S RWD 2023

    • Comfort

    • Affordability

    • Practicality

    • Driver Assistance Features

    • Apple Car Play & Android Auto

    • Color Options

    • Styling

    • Build Quality

    • Native UI

    • Air Conditioning System Reliability

    • No Frunk

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