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    Range Anxiety is for ICE drivers 9.5

    owner review of Honda e advance 2020

    • Very eeasee to drive

    • Lots of tech: love the door cameras

    • Going up hills, and down is a joy

    • One Pedal mode, and max regen always

    • “Limited” range is NOT an issue

    • Quality ride & handling

    • More than “quick” enough 150bhp

    • Good balance of buttons, knobs: not all Touch screen ergonomics

    • More space inside than you might imagine

    • Quiet

    • Cheap to run

    • Heated seats, steering wheels, front & rear screen

    • Very neat, so easy to keep clean

    • Limited range: not a Con for me (charge at home)

    • Was a sizable “investment” for me, even on PCP

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