2020 Tesla Model Y Long Range AWD Owner Review

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Tesla Model Y

Long Range AWD 2020

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Capable, Reliable, Quiet and Fast!

Once you own a Tesla, it's incredible hard to even consider anything else. The only thing better to drive... a newer, cooler, faster Tesla. 

02 Aug 2021

Tesla Model Y Pros and Cons

  • Supercharger Network - Fast, reliable, no interaction required to charge, strategic locations for long distance and interstate travel

  • Safety - Amazing visibility in all directions and safety technology standard, built in dash cam

  • Service - Amazing service staff and capability of mobile service. PS they even gave me a little die cast model 3 last time I was in for a tire change.. was awesome.

  • Green - Better for the environment

  • OTA Updates - Constantly getting new capabilities and UI updates

  • Autopilot - The future, go for a test drive as this has to be experienced

  • Tesla Theater and Arcade - Netflix, Hulu, YouTube, Twitch and soon Disney+ (upcoming software update). Also many games including Atari classics like Asteroids and Centipede along with newer games like Fallout Shelter and Cuphead. Also the ability to use the steering wheel and pedals to control games is genius, the kids just can’t get enough of that.

  • AWD and FAST! - nuff said

  • Luggage Storage and Compartments - very clever luggage storage locations and compartments all over the car including a frunk and under floor sub-trunk in rear cargo area.

  • Reliability - Low maintenance and less parts to replace due to wear/tear

  • Incredibly accurate battery charge remaining indicator which takes elevation data along your route and current speed into account to ensure range anxiety is gone or at a minimum. 20-30 mile buffer after battery remaining indicator hits 0, just in case you run all the way out and need just a bit more to get to the charger or back home. Even will notify you on the fly to slow down if you are driving too aggressively to make it to your destination.

  • Cool factor - dog mode, sentry mode, camp mode, upcoming car wash mode (OTA update soon), new/upcoming biohazard HEPA air filtration mode (standard on new 2021 Model Y)… and of course the ability to summon with your dog in the driver seat :)

  • Comfort - Interior is amazingly well thought out and comfortable, invisible air vents, voice/touchscreen control of all functions

  • Suspension - Now this one is a pro and con, suspension is screwed down so tight, its a bit rough on rough roads but feels like its on rails when taking corners. 

  • Suspension could use a little fine tuning for a more comfy ride on rough/dirt roads

  • 1 or 2 cosmetic delivery defects from manufacturing which were corrected but nothing mechanical

  • No ventilated or massage seats

  • Truly is hard to find more cons, go give one a thorough test drive. Be careful though, it will make you want one really bad!! :)

  • More colors and a few more factory accessories would be cool

Considered buying

Audi e-tron Sportback

example image of Audi e-tron Sportback

The Attractions:

Modern and sporty exterior design, EV, interior comfort features ie. ventilated/massage seats, power door closers, virtual side mirrors seem cool, AWD

The Dealbreakers:

Range, charging speed, efficiency, lack of autonomous features, lack of reliable charging network, glitchy NAV and UI

Owner Review

Capable, Reliable, Quiet and Fast!

This car has been truly amazing to drive and own in practically every way. It has been reliable and low maintenance, only had to change a tire one time since I bought it about a year ago. Very capable, many miles down the muddy dirt roads of Arizona and been camping in it several times. The family loves it, pretty sure they want to play games in the Tesla more than the new PS5 in the living room. All the Autopilot and smart safety features are pretty mind blowing, and with OTA updates making them increasingly better, there's not much more you can ask for. When activated on the highway, all you have to do is monitor and pay attention to the road, the car does the rest. Truly takes the stress out of driving and makes it so much more enjoyable. Then when you want to go fast and take the high speed turns, just deactivate and blast it down the road, very little can keep up. The supercharger network has to be one of the true kickers, until legacy auto makes significant progress or joins Tesla, it would be very unwise to own a different brand of EV. The suspension could use a little work as it can be a bit rough on the dirt or rough roads but wow, you take a corner at high speed and you feel like you are on rails. I had 1 or 2 small cosmetic issues in the beginning (door and hood adjustment) as the fit wasn’t perfect but nothing mechanical like my brother’s brand new Range Rover that is constantly at the dealer. I know I probably missed some other great points but I definitely can say that I won't own another brand vehicle for the foreseeable future. Cybertruck next!

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