2021 Tesla Model Y LR Owner Review

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Tesla Model Y

LR 2021

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Top Technology - Best All Around

Model Y LR - white exterior / white interior 

16 Aug 2021

Tesla Model Y Pros and Cons

  • Over the air updates

  • Autopilot / FSD 

  • Lightning fast

  • Highest of high tech 

  • Super roomy 

  • Environmentally friendly 

  • Regenerative breaking

  • Simple elegance

  • No motor or transmission 

  • Great range 

  • Not luxurious - if that matters to you. 

Owner Review

Top Technology - Best All Around

The Model Y is not luxurious, but it is the fastest and highest tech vehicle for the money - plus it’s the roomiest. After 8 months, I’m definitely a very satisfied owner. 

I love knowing I can smoke any other non-Tesla on the road. I do not miss having an engine one little bit. 

This IS the future. Period. 

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  • 2021-08-17 09:56:02 UTC

    modely Y

    Chrome delete with white body colour looks great. What's your long-term consumption?

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