2022 Tesla Model Y LR AWD Owner Review - UK

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Tesla Model Y

LR AWD 2022

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Tesla Model Y LR RHD

A lovely vehicle in blue with white interior

28 Nov 2022

Tesla Model Y Pros and Cons

  • Did i mention it's fast

  • I can't speak for FSD as it is not available in the UK yet (i've got the software) but the autopilot is superb.

  • Very Safe, both in safety score and experienced driving

  • High tech, very reactive controls

  • Smooth, fast and precise

  • Comfortable to drive

  • Very little servicing costs

  • Cheap to run

  • One pedal driving is the way ahead, i can't stress this too much

  • Quality construction

  • Windscreen wiper auto control

  • Could do with Android Auto

  • Could do with ventilated seats

Owner Review

Tesla Model Y LR RHD

I'd been a follower of Tesla/SpaceX, probably since 2014, but not in any position to own one. In fact i'd invested at the right time (2019) in $TSLA and could have funded my dream car, but decided against spending valuable shares, biding my time until the Model Y RHD came out and was available in the UK.

This finally came to pass and i placed my order on the day the website opened up. 6 months later and i was invited to take possession of a shiney new piece of high tech wizardry.

I can honestly say, there's not one day i can look back on and say i'm not happy with my purchase. From the clean, white interiorto the smooth, deep blue linesof the exterior.

The interior space is cavernous, i'm 6' 6" andcan sit comfortably behind the drivers seat set for me. The roof is a glorious panorama and when the rear seats are folded down, you can fit a double mattress inside.

I've travelled over 11k miles so far in 8 months, mainly on home charged electricity (cheap) but i've never had any issues on the long journeys i have undertake.

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  • 2022-11-28 20:40:44 UTC


    Hi, thanks for the nice review TMY. How is your experience in winter? Does the range drop? How fast does the car heat up the interior?
  • 2022-11-29 07:57:12 UTC

    other EVs

    Have you considered EVs from other automakers? Have you been to try any? :)

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