2021 Tesla Model Y Long Range Owner Review

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Tesla Model Y

Long Range 2021

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My TESLA Model Y

It's my favorite car I've ever owned. I''ll never buy anything other than a Tesla again!

30 Jun 2021

Tesla Model Y Pros and Cons

  • Plenty of charging options, including the Tesla specific Supercharging network. Comes with an adapter so you are able to charge at J1772 charging stations (ie Chargepoint).

  • Dog Mode allows you to keep the air conditioning on while your dog is in the car

  • You can do all sorts of things from the app -- unlock the car, preheat or cool the cabin, start or stop charging, vent the windows, open the frunk or trunk, call for service or roadside assistance, turn sentry mode on or off, etc

  • Tons of storage space including the frunk (front trunk) and additional storage bin under the back trunk

  • Touch screen is easy to use

  • Seats are comfortable and all five are heated

  • Great range (326 miles)

  • Access to the Tesla community

  • Autopilot is great and extremely useful on road trips

  • Over The Air (OTA) updates improve the car

  • One of the safest vehicles on the road

  • Fast acceleration (so fun!)

  • Quiet

  • When active, Sentry Mode starts recording anytime someone comes close to your car

  • Dashcam constantly records the environment around you while driving, and can provide evidence in the event of an accident

  • Has it's own streaming service (bye bye, Sirius)

  • Good looking design

  • Suspension is stiff

  • No interior grab handles above the doors

See Tech Specs - Tesla Model Y

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Tesla Model Y Photos

Tesla Model Y - Camping Tesla Model Y - Charging at a Tesla Destination charger at a hotel Tesla Model Y - Dog Mode Tesla Model Y - IMG 8437 1


  • 2021-07-01 07:56:45 UTC

    model Y

    Beautiful model Y and its driver in the third photo :) What's his name?
  • 2021-08-02 22:27:15 UTC

    Great Review!

    Awesome review! Also love the pup chillin in the front seat :) I so need to get some pics of mine with my frenchie.

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