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  • profilovýé foto uživatele Martin Martin GB

    Nissan LEAF Tekna E+ Review: An often overlooked EV that’s hard to beat for value for money 9.4

    uživatelská recenze vozu Nissan Leaf Tekna E+ 2023

    • Relatively affordable, even by combustion car standards

    • Comes well specced as standard

    • ProPilot makes busy motorway journeys effortless

    • Tried and tested reliability

    • The Nissan Connect EV app makes it easy to stay on top of the LEAF's current charge and location, and remotely control aspects such as pre-heating, flashing the lights, and even unlocking the car

    • Spacious interior space and boot

    • While the light steering does make for relaxing drives, the LEAF is easily influenced by the camber of the road resulting in what feels like misaligned steering

    • The lack of CCS makes the longevity of the LEAF's long road-trip capabilities a little cloudy

    • Interior is a little dated compared to the competition, taking a rather conservative approach

    • While the lack of active thermal management isn’t a major issue for (the lack of) hot days in the UK, a cold battery does negatively impact winter range and charging speeds

    • Low charging speeds compared to newer cars

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  • profilovýé foto uživatele ElectroDad ElectroDad

    Nissan Leaf - One year and 31,000 km driving an electric car 9.2

    uživatelská recenze vozu Nissan Leaf 30 kWh Tekna 2017

    • this is my first electric car and I find driving it every day surprisingly fun even after a full year

    • it has a heat pump that reduces power consumption in cold weather

    • in the winter, Leaf is able to heat sufficiently after just 30 seconds

    • 5 stars, the highest rating in the EuroNCAP crash test

    • after many years of production, “fine-tuned” and reliable drive

    • quiet operation

    • Nissan offers a free tow four times a year to a charger if you run out of power

    • mobile phone application (consumption statistics, option of remote heating and air conditioning, battery status, option to start charging, etc.)

    • battery warranty of eight years/160,000 km

    • very inexpensive regular service (service interval = 30,000 km or 1 year)

    • it has a timer to start charging once the el. rate is cheaper

    • low long-term consumption average of 14.93 kWh after 30,000 km

    • thanks to 80% regenerative braking, the brakes will hold out roughly 3 times longer than those in internal combustion cars

    • solid handling and comfortable suspension thanks in part to the large 270 cm wheelbase

    • decent dynamics in the city and beyond, despite power of “only” 80 kW (110 hp)/254 Nm

    • the charging connector is on the front bumper - ideal location

    • the car feels solid, nothing creaks when driving on uneven road surfaces

    • spacious glovebox

    • the BOSE sound system plays well

    • in infotainment, it is not possible to restrict charging e.g., at 80%

    • by today’s standards, it has a smaller battery capacity of 30 kWh/27 kWh usable

    • relatively wide A (windscreen) pillar

    • buttons on the steering wheel are not placed ergonomically, I cannot get used to them

    • the battery has no active temperature control (presents an issue over long trips with rapid charge)

    • higher weight - 1,570 kg

    • the steering wheel can be adjusted only in one direction (up or down)

    • inconveniently shaped trunk, where space is taken up also by the Bose subwoofer (though it is large enough)

    • somewhat odd-looking exterior design, like an ugly duckling

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