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Škoda Enyaq Coupé iV - klady a zápory

Klady a zápory podle myEVreview

  • high safety rating (5 Euro NCAP stars)
  • excellent turning circle: 9,6 m (slightly worse for 4x4 versions: 10,5 m)
  • spacious interior (more space than e.g. ICE Audi Q5)
  • low interior cabin noise
  • excellent interior build quality
  • excellent seats RS iV version (unfortunately without cooling)
  • very rigid body
  • feeling of quality in the interior
  • the all-glass roof is beautiful
  • comfortable chassis despite large 20 or 21-inch wheels
  • good brakes - measured 100-0 km/h - 35,5 m
  • sound system is really good
  • can tow 1200 to 1400 kg depending on the version
  • classic steering wheel buttons (much better solution than touch buttons)
  • 4x large, robust bag hooks in the luggage compartment
  • RS iV 220 kW acceleration to 100 km/h in 6.5 s (measured 6.3 s)
  • boot only 15 litres smaller than the Enyaq iV (570 / 585 l)
  • clear, colour head-up display (option)
  • door pockets can also hold large 1.5 bottles (also in the rear door)
  • powerful regen - saves conventional friction brakes
  • charging up to 135 kW, i.e. 200 km of motorway range or 300 km of urban range can be recharged in 30-35 minutes
  • good looking car
  • natural seating position in the rear - the seats support the thighs well
  • highway consumption of 22-23 kWh, i.e. a highway range of over 300 km
  • well-lit luggage compartment, including the area behind the car (when the fifth door is open)
  • 4 window controls in the driver's door (VW ID.3 and ID.4 use an impractical solution with only two buttons)
  • no heat pump by defaut (option)
  • voice assistant does not understand some basic commands
  • Skoda App needs improving
  • no front trunk (frunk)
  • lack of heating controls as buttons is annoying
  • top speed only 160 km/h (electronically limited), RS iV 180 km/h
  • kerb weight over 2200 kg
  • bad design of door handles

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