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Tesla Model 3

Standard Range Plus 2019

9.2/10nepřihlášen31 hlasů

I was a petrol head, and this is the Game changer

By far the greatest car I've ever owned. Tesla have nailed it.

06 Apr 2021

Klady a zápory Tesla Model 3

  • The supercharger network is superb, simple to use, and fast

  • The touch screen is superb, simple to use, and fast responding

  • Autopilot is incredible, and constantly improving thanks to 'Over the air' updates

  • The most efficient EV of them all

  • Over the air updates constantly refresh, fix bugs and modernise the car. I've had improved acceleration, increased range, extra games/Netflix/Youtube etc

  • The safest car in the World

  • Extremely low running costs

  • The acceleration, power, regen breaking are excellent

  • Entertainment is excellent - Youtube, Netflix, fun games etc

  • The Tesla owners community (and EV community) are wonderful

  • Loads of storage space, big boot & frunk

  • My Wife finally enjoys driving, and my kids love it

  • Great looking car inside and out

  • Preheating (or cooling) the cabin from App is a useful feature

  • Extremely low depreciation

  • It would be nice to be available in other colours

  • any cons I think of are ridiculously petty when considering the pros

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Two years ago I enjoyed test driving it, ride position, quality.

Důvod zamítnutí:

Just too small for a family car. Range inadequate for needs. Questionable safety of small front end. Resale value when considering Tesla Model 3's were on their way

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Wasn't available to order when I ordered my Tesla, but I liked the Range and size of the car

Důvod zamítnutí:

No supercharger network, slow acceleration, no autopilot, infotainment looked inferior to Teslas, just looked a bit boring to be honest

Uživatelská Recenze

I was a petrol head, and this is the Game changer

This car makes every other car I've driven, seem prehistoric. It's literally like driving something from the future. Despite mine being the 'Slower' Standard Range Plus model, it leaves everything standing still at the lights (should you enjoy being so juvenile!) 0-60 in 5 seconds, no noise, no engine/gearbox or servicing, and it costs me just £1 in electricity to do 100  miles using my home charger (Octopus Energy's 5p per kWh EV tariff) Autopilot is incredible on main roads/Motorways - it steers/sticks to speed limits/keeps distance itself/avoids accidents - It's bonkers good, and constantly getting better due to 'over the air updates'. I can get 200+ miles real range when driving normally from a 100% charge, but with the Tesla Supercharging Network all around the UK, it's so easy to pull over and top up if needs be. Typically, a 20 minute charge will take you from 10% - 80% charge, and again, the speed of this is improving all the time with Tesla leading the way with their Superchargers. It's so easy. I love the interior. It is spacious thanks partly to a full glass roof, and minimalist cockpit. The massive centre screen is intuitive, very responsive and not in the least bit as distracting as other cars with loads of buttons everywhere. Because everything is automatic (Lights, even full beam, wipers etc) the screen is basically just a big map and you don't need to touch it when you are driving, and once you have set everything up. Oh, and it creates no pollution so it doesn't poison people as they walk by, let alone my children, Wife and me! Makes sense don't you think? I'm looking forward to getting Solar and Powerwall for our house some day, so we can run it on sunshine - but until then, it runs on 100% renewable energy from Octopus Energy anyway! I honestly can't think of anything negative to say about this car, or Tesla for that matter. They are single handedly responsible for the whole Auto industry finally making the switch to Electric Cars, something which could and should have happened decades ago. I cannot recommend this car highly enough... it's easily the most fun car I've ever driven and the financial and environmental savings are huge. As it stands, there is still no close competition when weighing up the statistics & data of a Tesla.

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Fotogalerie Tesla Model 3

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  • 2021-04-07 15:24:54 UTC


    It's a good thing you didn't choose the Kia e-niro :) Tesla is really better.
  • 2021-04-09 20:53:39 UTC


    Hi. How much legroom is there in the rear seats?
    • 2021-04-09 20:57:03 UTC

      Re: legroom

      I'm interested in that too :)
    • 2021-04-29 03:32:56 UTC

      Re: legroom

      IMO the rear legroom in the Model 3 could be a bit better but the front legroom is fantastic! In the rear, your knees end up a bit elevated from your seating position (not so in the Model Y)

      The front and rear legroom on the Model Y are both excellent
      • 2021-04-29 04:49:29 UTC

        Re(2): legroom

        Thanks, do you own a Model 3 or Y?
        • 2021-04-29 07:27:40 UTC

          Re(3): legroom

          I own a Model 3 and the wife has a Model Y. Both great cars, but the back seat in the 3 is not great for long trips (1h+). It’s perfectly serviceable for around town and for those with shorter legs. Head room in both cars is also quite good, though if you take advantage of the reclining feature in the rear seats of the Model Y, taller people will be resting the back of their head on the C-pillar-level cross piece
          • 2021-04-29 07:30:00 UTC

            Re(4): legroom

            I used to own an older Honda Accord and IMO there wasn’t much leg room in the rear seats of that car either. Probably about on par with the Model 3 but different - maybe slightly less front-to-back room but more height between the part of the seat you sit on and the floor where your feet rest
          • 2021-06-15 05:34:57 UTC

            Re(4): legroom

            Are you going to post a review of mode Y here? I'd love to read about your long-term experience. Please :)
            • 2021-06-23 15:04:27 UTC

              Re(5): legroom

              Working on a review of my Model 3, but quite busy at the moment. The Y is the wife’s, so I could do a review of it but would be kinda a secondhand review since I don’t drive it much
              • 2021-06-23 16:16:33 UTC

                Re(6): legroom

                Thanks :), I'm interested in your and your wife's experience with the Model Y because your review of the Model 3 is well written.
  • 2021-06-05 21:37:59 UTC

    Great review thanks for all the info

    The model 3 is a great ev ! We would love one even put £ down on first day in U.K. but couldn’t wait the 3 years or so it took to come to U.K. so had to cancel our deposit. Thats the only problem I see with it’s out of our price range ???????? but well worth the money and the second hand prices ???????? wow you can see 1 year old car done 8-10 k miles for nearly same as new one ! Take care and safe travels everyone!
  • 2021-06-07 16:52:17 UTC

    Take care and safe travels

    Yer great car but can’t justify 300£ more than our Zoe it does everything we needed in the last 12500 miles and as far as I am concerned as long as it’s ev it’s a win !

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