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Tesla Model 3

Standard Range+ 2021

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My best purchase thusfar: Tesla Model 3 SR+!

Model 3 Standard Range + at a Supercharger Station in London, ON.

17 Aug 2021

Klady a zápory Tesla Model 3

  • Super Fast and not all furious!

  • Service Appointment through the App

  • Allowed in the HOV (High Occupancy Vehicle) lane(Canada)

  • Head-turner, and  thumbs-up collector

  • No high gas prices

  • Autopilot offers Convenience

  • Easy unlocking using Phone as key

  • Roomie, spacious

  • Noise reduction

  • Vegan Leather seat offers comfort

  • not enough charging stations in Northern Ontario

  • 40-45 minutes charging time- not 35mins

  • Winter affects driving range

  • too comfortable you can fall asleep

  • Paint quality needs improving

  • Rear-Wheel drive + slippery conditions= fishtailing

  • Hated by Diesel drivers, and bird-flipping collector

  • My phone is not wireless charged.

  • Always carry your Keycard

Uživatelská Recenze

My best purchase thusfar: Tesla Model 3 SR+!

It's been 8 great months of driving my computer on wheels! Great car for commuting, as my Green plate let's me hop on the HOV(High Occupancy Vehicle) lane and set it on Autopilot and there I go, "hands-free" for a good 30 mins.  Daily maximun charge is set to 90% and only use 100% when going on a road trip.

In such a short time I've been able to add about 30,000Kms to its life experience. Exploring Ontario is not an easy task, but one I am willing to partake in!. 

I have completed 2 long road trips. First one within my first 3 days of ownership during the winter months. I went about 450kms up north, stopping to charge midway and having a Wall Connector at final destination. Roads were covered in snow the northern I got. This trip was a testament to what Teslas can handle, and the more snow and less maintance there was, the more impressed and secured I felt! and if you haven't experience fishtailing, well... as long as you are not going crazy fast, it can be a lot of fun!   

Second trip was to a different province during the summer time. Distance of about 700kms one way made me stopped twice to charge up, not because my range wasn't able to make it further, but because there is no enough SuperCharging stations in the same route. Once at destination the hotel had an EV Charger. 

Every visit to the charging station varies depending of the city where you are, how busy those stations get and the KW price, but an average of $10CAD per stop is what I've experienced.

so far, everything about my Model3 SR+ is awesome, and I have no complaints except the fact that we need a bigger SuperCharging network in Canada, where due to the cold winter months, we loose about 100kms range.

I LOVE driving and I can't wait to go on more road trips so I can continue testing this impressive technology!


  • Connectivity Package free for 1 year. $14 monthly afterwards - Will Subscribe!
  • Purchase Wall Connector for about $800 -not including installation.
  • Before the 2nd trip, I noticed rock chips on my front bumper and decided that I needed a Paint Protection Film for about $1800
  • Tinted windows to protect the inside from UV ligtht deterioration and to help with privacy for about $300
  • Purchase laser cut carpet from TuxMat -canadian company. It looks soooo elegant! lol that was about $300
  • Purchase camping gear from Teslamat, comes with memory foam bed, bed sheet set, and privacy curtains. It really only sleeps 1 person semi-comfortable. that was about $500
  • Currently on all-season tires, but going to upgrade to the Tesla winter tire and rim set this coming winter 2021.
  • Currently use my DJ horn in my Boombox and get smiles from people when I am actually telling them to Goooooo(hurry up!) lol

Will share more in the next few months!

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