2020 Tesla Model 3 Standard Range + Nutzerbewertung

Tesla Model 3 Standard Range + 2020 - Titelbild

Tesla Model 3

Standard Range + 2020

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Best purchase so far.

Keep it in the garage. 

21 Sep 2021

Tesla Model 3 Vorteile und Nachteile

  • Tesla has a good charging network throughout the country. Fast charging when you need it. You can also see private home charger on the Tesla map so, maybe knocking on a Tesla owner home for a quick emergency charge???

  • Low maintenance required. I haven’t been for maintenance yet after a year. There is not much moving parts requiring maintenance. 

  • Highest safety features including emergency breaking , lane changing warning. 

  • No fuel purchase. No visit to gas station. Money can be spend elsewhere. 

  • Autopilot/Auto-steering. Even though, driver attention is required at all time, it makes a drive much less stressful. 

  • Comfortable ride. I am 6’2 and very comfortable. 

  • Range. The SR+ only get about 200 miles. It is not bad if you use only for daily drive around town. 

  • Cabin sound could be better. The 2020 model does not have the double pan windows. 2021 yes. 

  • No extended warranty on Model 3. They offering it on Model S and X. 

  • Glass top heat protection. Give out lot of heat when sun is shining on it. But you can always purchase the sunshade. 


Best purchase so far.

I will encourage anyone to purchase a Tesla. A very reliable vehicle. Between saving on fuel and maintenance fee, owning a Tesla is cheaper than any other cars. There is plenty of charging station that can be used, so no problem with long trip. Software updates over the air, makes it better everyday. 

Langfristiger Durchschnittsverbrauch

Langfristiger Durchschnittsverbrauch: 230 Wh/km

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