2020 Tesla Model Y LR Performance Owner Review

Tesla Model Y

LR Performance 2020

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Tesla Ruined Cars: Model Y Performance is Too Good

Coming from driving the Mercedes GLE maxed out and Audi S4, this isn’t even in the sale hemisphere. 

It starts and ends with software.  No one is close. And this thing eats a Ferrari off the line with your clubs and groceries in the back. 

14 Aug 2021

Tesla Model Y Pros and Cons

  • Speed, software, experience (infotainment, never go to gas stations ever - always full at home), service/app, acceleration:g-force

  • I speed too much now!

Considered buying

Audi e-tron

example image of Audi e-tron

The Attractions:


The Dealbreakers:

Performance, battery efficiency, cost for value, horrible software, no acceleration, unsafe 

Owner Review

Tesla Ruined Cars: Model Y Performance is Too Good

The model why is the best car in the market right now. You feel like you’re in a tank that handles way better than 9/11 accelerates like you’re falling out of the building, but then you can pack all your family crap, car seats and everything. It wrecks a Ferrari off the line. Such a solid car to be in. 

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