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Tesla Model 3

SR+ 2019

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Driving the future..NOW

17 Mar 2021

Tesla Model 3 Vorteile und Nachteile

  • Electric, green car, zero emissions

  • a head turner, Tesla community, visionary CEO

  • minimalist interior, REGEN braking, Full Self Driving option

  • software updates, low maintenance, instant acceleration

  • charging network, long term savings over ICE, future tech

  • Need to charge on longer trips for a bit longer than refuelling a ICE car. Driving tech on car may not be for everyone as it is futuristic and older drivers without much exposure to technology may struggle.

    Cost is not in line with other ICE vehicles but considering the savings long term is relevant here but still out of price bracket for a lot of people. While there is brand awareness amongst the techy people and the die hard fans, there is still a lot of brand awareness that needs to be created a


Driving the future..NOW

By far, the best EV on the market with a fantastic range even on the SR+ of 300km which is more than enough for everyday driving. Combined with instantaneous acceleration (which never gets old even after a few years of using it), the ease of driving with one pedal, a fantastic network of chargers/superchargers by Tesla & third party providers like Chargefox, Chargepoint etc. the cost of owning an EV and especially a Tesla is a no brainer considering the long term savings, the lack of future of ICE cars and the long term benefits of zero carbon emissions to our health and for our children's health. With Full Self Driving (extra option costing $10,100), driving has never been easier on long distance trips. I have done 2 trips to Adelaide back & forth over the last few years and both times, driving has not just been fun (on the monotonous National Highway) but an absolute breeze once you have autopilot enabled which takes care of speeding, slowing, overtaking slower cars and keeping the car safely in lane. While the initial cost is a stretch for a lot of people with families and the Model3 may not be suitable for larger families with 2+kids, the cost savings alone of not having to use petrol/diesel and the maintenance costs associated with owning an ICE car should be considered. Plus, your kids and their friends will always go Oooooohhhh when you drive this car. Anywhere you go, this car is a head-turner and will get attention. With REGEN braking, the car throws energy back into the battery and with regular software updates OTA, you are constantly and consistently driving the best & latest version of this amazing piece of futuristic driving machine. 

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